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Author17th Mixed Tournament
"…And then another vanguard arrived. Orcs, ogres, goblins swarming all around, and that heinous behemoth with a maw like this!", one of the guards of the staunch Berkteal rampart gestured amply while sharing his impression of his recent watch shift. "I thought it was going to try to gnaw a hole in our wall! How do barbarians even tame those hairy monstrosities?.. And then the wolves feasted all night right by the wall, producing horrendous howls! Every night, once I shut my eyes, I can hear that dreaded howling..."

"Everybody get up! Attention!", the husky voice of captain Roetger ven Eisen thundered across the barracks as his face got loomed out of the darkness by the torchlight at the entrance. "So that's who shatters the quiet here! Wolves're howling, is it?" , he roared at the soldier shivering in fright. Then suddenly he continued, in a much deeper tone, "Heard those wargs myself. My sleep is light as day-slumber. But that doesn't give a ground! For breaking! The discipline!", he went back to the sonorous tell-off. He chided his subject a while more, when suddenly an unusual compassion to his subordinates stroke him. "You all knew what you were going for when signing up for permanent frontier service, but anyone can break down. Aight, one week leave, beginning from tomorrow morning! I hear it on a grapevine, there's a mixed tournament coming up. Why doncha all go to the capital, divert yourselves, cast those fears off... Maybe challenge a bunch of "heroes" even? With all that survi-durvi-s business, they'd probably already forgot what the true frontier guards are capable of in an even combat!" He nodded, giving a glance over the bunks in the barracks. "Consider that an order. Now fall out, rest!"

Lordship, the 17th Mixed tournament has been announced. The arena grounds welcome anyone eager to test both battle prowess and luck in a series of group combats of randomly assorted combat levels. Victories earn Commanders' guild points as long as the guild trial has been completed; and the most glorious participants will compete for the prize fund, as well as mixed tournament achievements:

Mixed tournament. Bronze Mixed tournament. Silver Mixed tournament. Gold

Good luck and fascinating combats to you!
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