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AuthorDouble Insight!
Representatives of the River barbarian tribes of the Wilderness have expressed their wish to join the Empire not merely as a provincial folk, but as a military formation in the Empire military structure.
In order to test their battle qualities, discipline and keenness of senses necessary for military service in our glorious army, the Warlord has announced the start of two Insight Tournaments, for each of the two tribes: “Fury Barbarian Insight” and “Shadow Barbarian Insight”.

Lords and ladies of all factions may join either or both tournaments to experience the power of the potential new army groupings. Insight tournament features Survival-type combats with players commanding armies and having special abilities or magic spells, and talents presets, same for all participants. The tournament combats award barbarian faction skill points regardless of which faction is currently active for the participant.

Fury Barbarians and Shadow Barbarians are alternative classes of the Barbarian faction.

Their distinctive features are:
1) Barbarian unique racial ability "Combat readiness" is replaced by "Tribal spirit" for both classes. Tribal spirit accumulated by creatures commanded by a lord of this faction increases parameters of those creatures and dampens damage taken by 20%+[faction skill level]*1%;
2) Shadow barbarians do not have combat school in their castle. Instead, they have Magic guild level 1-3 with Darkness school spells available;
3) An entirely different recruit count and an alternative set of upgrades;
4) Conservation of spirit is the central talent for Fury barbarian class; Ancestors' shadows is the central talent for Shadow barbarian class.

The classes will be made playable at some point after the tournaments are over.

Give the River tribes a good test! Good luck in your competition against other heroes!
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