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Author18th Mixed Tournament
The glorious Empire earned its fame of being magnanimous towards those who truly deserved it. It was equally merciless to its enemies, but fortunately, the young Barbarian Glorlaf and his men were not among the latter, thus being able to embrace the welfare of a multicultural civilization.
At first, they were naturally overwhelmed with such a vast amount of representatives of diverse races and factions often professing radically different beliefs and somewhat opposite views, and nonetheless co-existing as one harmonious nation. The river tribes could hardly ideate such society before at all; while presently they were becoming part of it. On top of that, they could already boast some public military success which was a great way to earn their place with the military stratum of the Empire, the heroes.
But it was only one first step, and the freshly joined allies were facing a new challenge, a dedication of sorts, which was to take place on the grounds of the Mixed tournament arena.

Lords and Ladies, the 18th Mixed Tournament has been announced.
This tournament features group combats with two teams of randomly allocated combat levels. Characters of combat level 5 and above are welcome to join. Victorious combats earn Commanders' guild points, provided the guild trial has been completed. Tournament champions earning the three first places based on the amount of victories will be rewarded with gold and tournament achievements:


Best of luck in tournament combats!
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