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"What's that out there, why won't they let me sleep!"
Ghareth the barbarian turned on his other side discontentedly and tried to dig into the pillow to shut them from annoying sounds coming from the street. But in vain; the hubbub outside was so resounding that it seemed it could be perceived by the sense of touch. The barbarian floundered out of the hammock and sleepily approached the window.

The sun had just risen above the horizon, but the streets were already full. Capital's busy life was never growing idle, but this time something was different, the people were too excited running towards the central square. Ghareth knitted his brows trying to peer into the far streets and the square. Everything was quite usual, no volcanoes erupting, and certainly no dark forces had taken the Empire over. Except that it felt... a little empty. Something was out of place; the eyes were accustomed to presence of something else in the square, something that was missing, and it seemed unusually spacious.
"Wait a second! Where's the Fir-tree?!"

Out of surprise, the Barbarian forgot where he stood. His loud exclamation awoke several warriors who passed the night in the Capital inn, and they hissed angrily at Ghareth. The barbarian looked around him guiltily and rushed down the stairs to equip his ammunition and join the crowd, hoping to mouse out some details.

Great woe befell the Empire! Under the veil of the night, unknown villains have infiltrated the very heart of Empire Capital and abducted the symbol of the New Year - the magical Fir-tree! Its loss not only means the absence of gifts and entertainment; it promises much more ominous consequences: the incarnation of year 2014, the Stallion 2014 may not arrive at the Empire! In that case the New Year 2014 will never be happy, joyful and successful. The Fir-tree must be discovered and liberated by all possible means!

The Empire summons all lords and ladies of combat level 3 and above to join the search and battles for liberating the Fir-tree . Combats start once in every 20 minutes, the format is two heroes vs. the abductors. Only standard shop ammunition with no enchantments is allowed in the challenges.
Victories earn special currency, the NY points which may be spent to increase certain parameters of troops. The amount of points depends on the difficulty of the combat. There is a rating within every combat level based on these points.

The Fir-tree must be liberated by December, 31st. Advance!
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