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AuthorQuick Weekend
Every holiday in the Empire is unique and unforgettable in it's own way, but they all have a common, slightly distressing feature - sooner or later, they are all bound to end. When that happens, many are struck by a feeling that despite all the fun, something is missing. Ghareth the Barbarian was no exception to that.

Sitting in a corner of a noisy capital inn, he gave way to sadness, sharing his company with one sole New Year ale bottle which he saw to lay up right after celebration, and reminiscing on the recent events of the passing festivals.
Why, he took part in liberating the Fir-tree from its abductors; he assisted the New Year spirits to drive away the spirits of the passing year; he even passed the trial of the Sphynx. How spiteful of her was to ask him a question about that magical thing that any decent Barbarian ignores completely! He also hunted for the vault trinkets, be darned that last lacking "snowflake" trinket...

Still, a sense of incompleteness filled heart. Without proper fisticuffs, a holiday wasn't really a holiday. Well, not properly barbarian, anyway!..
He gave a doleful sigh, his stare fixed on the bottom of the mug visible through the remains of the drink. As he was about to drain it bottoms-up, his ear caught a distant cheerful proclamation of a herald.
"Is that true!", Ghareth could not believe his ears at first. "Quick combats! Now, this holiday turns out really well!"

on the occasion of the passing New Year holiday season, quick 4x4 group combats will be available for 2 days, up to January,12 inclusive.
You may join an existing challenge, or host one of your own. To create a quick combat challenge, go to 'Group battles' menu, click 'Create a challenge', and choose '4' in 'Team limitations'.

Have a cheerful weekend!
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