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AuthorHappy Valentine's Day!
Despite the ticklish military condition of the last few days, today is not a day for war or politics. The charms of Love have established their reign in the lands of the Empire, captivating each and all with its never-ending power.
Along with this bright magic, the formerly encountered "Heartvores" have made their way into the Empire again. Unable to avert the appearance of the Heartvores, a group of evil demonic spirits hungering for kind emotions which abound on this day, Her Majesty the Empress has issued an edict: be it with a sword, staff or purse, to struggle for the right to gift the warmth of one's heart-felt feelings. And judging by the numbers of brave heroes who amassed at the lair well in forehand, the edict has found a broad response in the hearts of the Empire citizens! Even the Hunters' Guild has decided to support the Empress' initiative. This year's Valentine's day promises to become more joyful than ever.

the magic of the Valentine's day has captivated our new homeland filling the air with essence of love and romance. It is the best time throughout the year to open up your heart for love, to cast away fear and doubt, and to multiply the bright emotions manifold by sharing them with those you care for. The only capable ones to thwart it are the demonic spirits who have stolen all the valentine's cards.
Any lord or lady of CL 3 and above may challenge them to fight for their right to express their heart. To do that, they will need to arrive at the lair of the "heartvores" located at the border of Dragons`s caves and Magma Mines and assault the demons. After vanquishing an enemy vanguard you will collect a Valentine's card which may be gifted to any character of the opposite gender.
Those who do not wish to spill blood on this brightest of days may attempt to seal an amicable deal with the thievish demons and to just buyout several cards with gold.
The Hunters' Guild has announced a reward of 0.2 HG points per card sent to honour the benign intentions of the brave romantics.

As it has become traditional, the Lord and Lady who will have received the most cards will be named Valentines of 2014! Only signed Valentine's cards will be credited; these cards will be displayed in the character's personal information page for a week.

Happy Valentine's to all loving and loved ones!

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