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Author26th Minor Tournament
The latest events in the Empire got imprinted on the memories of the heroes and lords. Over internecine conflicts and celebrations, the event to steal most attention and generate most gossips turned out to be the new Academy tournament, first of its type in Empire records. The new format, optional army settlements, flexible conditions all that seemed to attract much attention throughout the Empire, it appeared to be the conversation topic in all public places. That way the Academy of Magical sciences managed to draw attention away from their agenda and provide itself with time and space for future maneuvers.

Grammith kept good track of the tournament course as well for the sake of being au courant of the latest trends of combat art. He always welcomed innovations as long as they didn't cast the good old traditions into oblivion. And for maintaining the parity, he decided to host a Minor tournament, the archetype of all Empire tournaments.

Today starts the 26th Minor Tournament, the oldest and most venerable contest of the Empire. Lords and ladies of combat level 3 and above are invited to fight a series of duel combats with opponents of equal combat level yearning for general recognition. Victorious combats earn commanders' guild points to all those who successfully completed the trial. Generous prize funds and achievements will be awarded to the champions of the tournament!


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