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AuthorBackroom Connections
Excessive modesty has never been a feature for wizards to boast. In fact, it is no secret that no sort of restraint is inherent to them. Quite a pleasure it is to ride a huge majestic elephant adorned with jewelry and enchantments along the main capital streets, awaking a full spectrum of emotions with the grass-roots, ranging from amazement and admiration to envy and contempt! Or take teleportation, appearing out of nowhere in a cascade of sparkles and multi-coloured flashes and instantly becoming the focus of attention...

But sometimes, even the high-ranking wizards need to disregard their natural preferences and reach their destination afoot, groping their way through dark moldy passages with a smoky torch at hand. Despite Sorish's affection for splendour and showiness, this time it was a necessity - no magic nor sumptuousness to conceal his presence at the Palace.

The wizard king advisor slank through a gloomy corridor and displaced a shelf rack at its end. He found himself in a narrow closet-room where Abu-Bakir was already waiting for him. Sorish shook dust off his mantle and squeamishly removed the web that he had brushed with his beard, then gave a quick nod to greet the Court wizard and went straight to his agenda.

"We are set for the next stage of the plan. This time though, our biggest interest lies with the ancient demons. They inhabit the Inferno throughout the entire timeline, and we have no clear indication of when and where to open the Portal of Time into, in order to face them. Given the facts, we shall need to resort to the only way of encountering them that is available to us".
"But... I cannot help with, you know!" Abu-Bakir gave a look around prior to continuing. "Portinite! Its production is vetoed by the Warlord!"
"It should not be your concern, magister", Sorish gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder. "We will take care of that. Your call is sir Grammith, you must convince him about the portal and prepare him for the use of the substance".
"He is growing more and more skeptical every time, I'm afraid".
"He is presently absorbed in another instance of army reformation for the military factions of the Empire, so I take it, it is a good moment to overcome his distracted stubbornness".
"Yes, you are right. By the way, what about Bilir?"
"The research of your protege has been rather useful, but his motives are unclear..."

Suddenly, both wizards felt something and both turned their heads to the backside corner of the closet-room. They scrutinized every inch of the dimly lit walls and floor, and after finding no intrusion to their conversation, resumed it.

"As I was saying, he doesn't need to know the whole truth for now", Sorish finalised his thought, and then hastily added, "The isolation barrier must be fading, we need to leave".

Without another word, the wizards bowed to each other and dispersed, leaving the apparition girl blending with the reigning gloom floating in the upper backside corner unnoticed. The apparition seeped through the wall to certify that the two wizards had parted, and rocketed up through the ceiling to make its way to her undead master to deliver a report.

Lords and Ladies,

Abu-Bakir the Court wizard announced the start of another research expedition into the past, and your military support is needed. The portal will be opened tomorrow, April,9 at 08:00. Heroes of combat level 3 and above willing to provide their assistance need to prepare the minimum required ammunition of the artifact shop. You will be given the starter batch of crystals of time to energize your armies to delve into past times.

Also, Warlord Grammith has declared a reform of the armies of certain factions and classes. Every lord and lady is advised to visit their recruiting to check for any possible additional troops.
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