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AuthorReport of the Celestial Watch
A bright beam of light appeared on the square in front of the Palace, this fact followed by an animated hustle. The grass-roots did not often get a chance to witness an angel of the Celestial watch descend into Empire capital, and each such occasion gathered a crowd.
Inside the Palace itself, preparations started as well. Her Majesty was immediately notified that an angel of the watch was coming down, and the Throne hall was promptly prepared to receive the pristine guest.

Soon, a majestic angel arrayed in shining golden plate armour came down flying in the beam. As his feet touched the ground, he folded his snow-white wings behind his back and walked into the palace afoot to meet the Empress who was already expecting him. His mere presence seemed to light the throne hall with warm celestial gleam, but the news he delivered shaded that impression.
"Your Majesty, the Celestial watch has spotted life form in the sky, much higher than the Celestial Gate itself. From afar, the settlement resembles a Wizard city in architecture. Before we take action, we need to know whether these skybound inhabitants are subjects of the Empire".

Conserving Her calm looks, the Empress listened to the angel's report and turned to Abu-Bakir standing on Her left. Her inquisitive gaze made the wizard shift his feet in confusion.
"No, Your Majesty", he muttered with embarrassment mixed with sad disappointment, "Unfortunately, the level of our Magical science does not allow granting the clouds enough power to host a city that high in the air..."

The Empress switched her look back to the angel, letting him know that his enquiry was satisfied.
"You have our gratitude, Your Majesty", the angel spoke immediately in a voice arousing an echo across the Throne hall. "The Celestial watch shall take action".
He bowed graciously and was about to leave the Throne hall as Abu-Bakir's exclamation cut him still.
"Please wait! Perhaps, the Celestial watch needn't get involved here".

The wizard made a few steps forward and turned to the Empress, addressing his speech to Her. "Your Majesty, the Angels have been allies of the Empire for a long time. Shall we not deal with this matter ourselves? We do not know the agenda of these skybound wizards, not in the least; perhaps, it is our call to make contact first".

Should someone else have attempted a similar conversation, Her wrath would have sealed his fate. But She knew Her Court wizard well enough and recognised what those sparkles of anticipation in his eyes meant. He would move rocks with a wand swish to make a magical discovery which could reinforce the Empire.
She stood up and asked the angel to make Her will known to the Celestial watch - the discovered Wizard city was not to be disturbed.

Lords and Ladies, listen and heed!
Celestial allies of the Empire, majestic angels have discovered Wizard cities soaring high above the ground concealed in thick white clouds on such an altitude that would never allow to suggest life exists there.

Abu-Bakir the Court wizard is utterly interested in exploring these cities. He has announced that a portal to the cloud settlement would be opened on the next day, May,27th, at 08:00. The heralds are spreading the news that any lords and ladies of combat level 3 and above are welcome to present their assistance in collecting the cloud essence. Arrive armed, for the skybound inhabitants will unlikely be willing to share their secrets.
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