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The dislocation into the clouds went successful; however, the local wizards showed great resistance since our first steps. Their bottom defenses succumbed quickly to the Empire forces, but the higher we ascended, the more zealous resistance they were facing. It was obvious that whatever secrets the cloudbound wizards were keeping, they would not let us grasp them, not even in sight of invincible might of the Imperial army. Still though, one thing managed to slip through and reach our inquisitive explorers.

After a few victorious combats, Abu-Bakir's expedition managed to salvage several unique pieces of armament, the likes of which have never been encountered before. After scrutinizing them thoroughly, it was revealed that their destination was to improve military ability of certain creature types. Having consulted Grammith and certified that the armaments bore no harm, Abu-Bakir ordered to organize a system of tracking the armaments.

1) For each creature, there are armaments are of six different types: +1/+2 attack, +1/+2 defense and +1%/+2% initiative;
2) Armaments have effect in all combats;
3) Armament effects of the same stats for one creature type do not stack;
4) The armament with better stats of a type are automatically equipped on the creature. Stack numbers do not matter;
5) Armaments have a durability term of 30 days;
6) Should an armament of the same type be looted, its durability term is extended by another 30 days;
7) Armaments modify graphical display of creatures in combats.

Good luck with finding the armaments you require the most!
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