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getting to know Aurelija :)
Wow , Aure really screwed up , had 2 SB at MT showed them who is boss :P i always thought charmer is food for SB, but it isn't :P
It depends.

The elf i fought right after Aurelija

Why that avatar? lol
getting to know Aurelija :)

never seen any one this butthurt over a barbarian xD

normally it is always the necro who never dies or the dark elf with quick kills who people keep complaining about.
GG vit , raising the bar of barbarians!
Pew pew, been so long.
If anyone from AnD is wondering (I got PMs about it), I left to leave the spot for someone who actually participates in Events and Defences, Btw.
Im not going anywhere else, lol
Its just that Im not active AT ALL since months
So better leave the spot for more passionate people about LWM now

Rest of you:
I hope you all have kids, be rich, and succeed in work/life!
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