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roses are red, you dont grasp the 'rhyme'

if it was a bard society

your heresy would be a crime
for Rengar:
Roses can be white, you got that right!
Red roses, whites roses, its all nonsese.
LeG profit playing as mage :D
Roses are red, god is dead.
Can you guess which side will win?

Straight from start you would think result is clear, but Jesus those morale bursts and just couldn't break in fast enough
Damn those wardens brought the sky down.
Those behemoths put up a really good fight though. *sad barbarian mumbling*
Should not have ignored wardens initially, isn't it ;)
Knew HK would win when I saw dwarf using agility rune and not moving
haha, he was like an AI bot ;)

Though, i am not going to blame dwarf this game because elf got pummelled equally. Not having any ranged on me really put things into that situation. Also its always hard to predict the whole luck/blind thing else i wouldn't have hit unicorns with birds.. behemoths and ogres should have been sufficient assuming i had one lucky trigger on either.
Does anyone know if any pilots play this game ?
for siddi1111:
Does anyone know if any pilots play this game ?

you -_-
you -_-
Big brain time igles.

I know I'm a pilot. Hence i asked if anyone knows other pilots playing this game.
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