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AuthorFlooders Tenthouse
So who want valentines card?
That's what I'm thinking lol, to find a list of people :P
I've got 30, lost the 31st battle
Items (12/66) ?
Guess who has a fresh start now :D
Lucky so far in Card Games xD
Thanks for the roses. :)
yes yes, women and their roses

I accept any kind of flowers. :D
Even ones with pheromones that attract snakes? ;)
Get her a lovely Titan Arum, that will do lovely. Should cut through the cigar smoke....
No can do. Only the sweetest and reddest flowers are acceptable for my esteemed lady Calamity.
And got toadstool again :(
toadstools are useful ;)

I use them at portals.
I got ABC, I don't mind a minute of travel :P
that versus instant travel, i know which is better :)
One small toadstool one big step on the map. :D
Well maybe it's useful at some point when I wanna lease arts quickly for defense or event maybe.
Ah, second meteorite shard :)
I really need to start saving up for wardens, didn't think it'd be a lot. But all of my level up money will go in the normal castle upgrades only :P
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