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AuthorPirateís raids
Attention, Lords! it is rumoured that in the Empireís taverns the piratesí recruiters have appeared again. These villains are enticing travelers into their ranks with beautiful tales of easy gain, beautiful women and fast ships with experienced crews.

Excerpts from the pirate code:
1) According to the pirate code of honor, raids on the merchant trading ships are carried out in the format 1 vs 1;
2) The raids take place with only the crew that you can fit on the ship. The rest of the crew will be able to wait out the raids in the inn or tavern;
3) Through your spyglass, it is worthwhile to consider your target well. If the defenders of the enemy ship are not an equal match for your crew, it is better to look for an easier victim. But the easier the victim - the less potential profit;
4) Given the weighty risk of losing enchantments at sea, you should only come to battle in Standard shop artifacts; Artifact enchantments have no effect.
5) Remember that the unique faction racial abilities wonít work, you are a pirate now! But your parameters and spells work in full;
6) You can do no more than 12 raids per day. Do not flog your crew too hard! Theyíre not horses - and they will die quickly. Any unused attempts are postponed and carry over to the next day. A rested crew is a happy crew and likely to do much more work!;
7) The duration of a raid should not exceed 7 days (until September 20 inclusive), however there will be a maximum of 3 days extra for cleaning up the merchants at sea (you can continue to complete your remaining attempts until September 23 inclusive);
8) After a successful raid you should plunder everything, taking with you anything that glitters, rings, shines and glimmers: silver, creature armaments, mercenary elements, diamonds, and artifacts with reduced durability;
9) Do not forget about the mercenary market, where you can hire additional crew for silver. The prices of various fighters depends on the demand for them and prices change every hour;
10) Mercenaries can be hired in reserve, but you may not hire more than double the crew that you can get on board with you. It is always better to have a card up your sleeve;
11) If suddenly you have too much silver, it can be spent on a new, more powerful ship or cannon for your plundering;
12) The more powerful the ship, the more crew it will be able to take on board and the more cannons that can be installed on it;
13) The cannonís parameters depend on the level of improvement and the level of the ship's captain. The captainís parameters do not affect the cannonís power;
14) If any of the shipís crew fall in battle, then 5% of the fallen crew perish forever in victory and 3% perish forever in defeat;
15) At the end of all raids, Captain Red Beard will reward worthy pirates with artifacts from his own collection, and trade looted silver for fine amounts of gold!
16) To keep up morale, Captain Red Beard will issue a bottle of premium rum for your 15th, 30th and 50th victories

 For 15 victories

 For 30 victories

 For 50 victories

One more thing! From the stolen port records it has become known that some Imperial ships are transporting a valuable cargo - fragments of a special shield. Plunder as many ships as possible - and you will certainly be able to get some!

for 10 victories: +1 part;
for 20 victories: +2 parts;
for 30 victories: +3 parts;
for 40 victories: +4 parts;
for 60 victories: +5 parts;
for 70 victories: +6 parts;

At the end of the raids, depending on the amount of silver stolen, Red Beard will personally issue up to 30 pieces of the Imperial Shield.

It will be possible to collect from the fragments, a full-fledged artifact, if you can gather 100 parts of the artifact. This artifact cannot be transferred for use or rent, but it can be transferred for repairing or enchanting.

On board!
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