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for Calamity:
this is your choice because you don't want to
but if you can't at all I think it's not fair
I can play TG and this day will be great for me
but to think of a day can be played by everyone is still better idea
At the same logic is your choice not having TG, or if not have entered CG at all so you can benefit from cg days, and the list can go on.

I don't see a problem on when there are days I can't or don't want to play something, others can and will and vice versa.
Day of .com players: the .com community gets todays event actually posted in english on their forum!
for --Zero-:
What are you on about? Bar a couple rare instances we get the daily events posted in English by the empire.
for Meshy:
Maybe he is talking about events like smuggler and grinch.
yeah like we got the event posted 5 days late, we don't have the offer for the LG mobs, we didn't get the candy search thing to give a few examples.
I am not sure if day of the undead is new or not
but it's very similar to what I've suggested :P
Not new, with a small read at general forum you can see all days that have already been.
All the suggestions that start with "In all duels, gbs, and cgs..." except for Day of Honor are so pointless. If the bonus applies equally to all factions, then it's a null bonus.

Disagree with this actually.

Days like
Day of Berserkers: In all duels, gbs, and cgs, all troops have 50% their Defense parameter removed and added to Attack.
Day of Defenders: In all duels, gbs, and cgs, all troops have 50% their Attack parameter removed and added to Defense.

Will affect different factions differently, the first will make factions more like glass cannons and the 2nd will have a greater impact on factions which use defensive build (or indeed chaos).

Similarly, the days relating to spells can open up various differences in play style, for example a DD with holy build would be very impressive.

Link to previous day of undead:

Similar to that we had a day of poisonous vegetation:
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