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AuthorBlack widow shadow slash
The shadow slash worked for 1 hit only after which my widows refused to hit anything from distance. I'm fairly sure it's not supposed to be once-per-battle ability

i'm jealous of your black widows
They are pretty cool in theory. Though pricey too, 340 for one.

Tried another battle, again just one shadow slash on first turn, then normal melee hits only
what if you dont block them with shrews? no adjacent unit
what if you dont block them with shrews? no adjacent unit

tried it, still just one hit from distance

What kind of battle is this from?
Leaders guild
Has it been fixed ?
It seems to be fixed now. However, there is still one minor bug left - the diplayed "possible damage" interval is lower than should be (maybe the script which calculates it was taken from shooters and their range penalty?).

Fortunately the real damage of attacks seem to be correct.

For example, the displayed damage to certain unit is 40-70, the real damage can be as high as 100 etc.
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