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for virtual_vitrea:


very nice
If you want some transcendent piano stuff, not much better than Ludovico Einaudi in my mind

HOMM III music live concert by symphonic orchestra with chorus:
For Neon
(a better clip i think)
for AKA-Sarobinas:
The concert looks awesome *_*
Some nice rap for you guys
Windmills- Bring out the sun

He has multiple other songs , amazing beats , and even better lyrics

His music is really inspired by Dark souls , so if youre into that , enjoy

Invincible:pop smoke
Song: Friendships
Really like this chill types of music
Very powerful rap video on bullying from a young rapper who gives me Eminem vibes

for siddi1111:
Token is Soo good...I loved his colab with Tech N9ne...

Siddi listen to NF - The search.... NF is currently my favourite...his rap has so much soul..trust me on this one.
I loved it, no bikini clad women , posh cars , drugs , cash and swearing. Only a shopping cart though haha

Ps that ominous balloons symbolising the burdens that was on his shoulders was a really good touch.
for siddi1111:
Ye he was bench pressing the balloons to show those burdens were heavy but he gets through it...
Bazzi 3:15 :)
for Bunnie:
Joyner Lucas ADHD album is pretty good
HOSH @ Jai Vilas Palace in Gwalior, India for Cercle

Very nice progressive house set, music is good, track change is excellent, crowd is colorful and palace looks nice, maybe someday we can visit it. I really liked it during our quarantine time.
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