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for virtual_vitrea:


very nice
If you want some transcendent piano stuff, not much better than Ludovico Einaudi in my mind

HOMM III music live concert by symphonic orchestra with chorus:
For Neon
(a better clip i think)
for AKA-Sarobinas:
The concert looks awesome *_*
Some nice rap for you guys
Windmills- Bring out the sun

He has multiple other songs , amazing beats , and even better lyrics

His music is really inspired by Dark souls , so if youre into that , enjoy

Invincible:pop smoke
Song: Friendships
Really like this chill types of music
Very powerful rap video on bullying from a young rapper who gives me Eminem vibes

for siddi1111:
Token is Soo good...I loved his colab with Tech N9ne...

Siddi listen to NF - The search.... NF is currently my favourite...his rap has so much soul..trust me on this one.
I loved it, no bikini clad women , posh cars , drugs , cash and swearing. Only a shopping cart though haha

Ps that ominous balloons symbolising the burdens that was on his shoulders was a really good touch.
for siddi1111:
Ye he was bench pressing the balloons to show those burdens were heavy but he gets through it...
Bazzi 3:15 :)
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