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AuthorNew cards game
Its to we sea something new..but for all people who play on telephone its realy bad...everithing is so small and confused :-(...cards playing was fine before...n8 need to change them :-(...reward you could change..nothing else
I like,somethimes new in this game..but that should like al..make that cards more "visible" for all players..(on telephone right niw is not so good)
I play from mobile phone ap , its much different but still playable.
It's good to see something new. But for all the people who play on phone, its really bad. Everything is so small and confusing. Playing cards was fine before, there was no need to change it. Rewards you could change, nothing else.

Sorry i was tempted to do this. I mean no offense.

This belongs in I&S by the way and i agree. I did not like the visual changes. +1
I total agree with you virtual_vitrea..
Only what I like is " discard" card now..much easier :-)
People will adapt , after month nobody will remember old version
Try experiment...I ASK NOW ADMINS...ask all cards pkayers..what they like...cards game before..and now...but card players..minimum 15 lvl...
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Dont understand me wrong...idea about this new cards is nice...just colours you should litle change becase its not so visible now..specialy if you play on telephone...tnx for understanding
Discard card button needs to be bigger for mobile players: It still almost never works.
I love the new design
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