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AuthorCombat no longer loads (gray screen)
I was on this morning and did some combats with no issues but now they no longer load after I turn my PC on. No updates were done to PC. I switched to my laptop and the battle loaded fine. I have latest version of flash installed on my PC.

Any ideas what might be the issue? I'm using firefox latest version
Are you using flash or HTML5 battles? You can check in the personal settings.
It's set to Auto. I can run the demo battle just fine.
Set it to HTML 5 and see if that helps, could be a flash issue.
HTML5 works fine. I reset everything in flash but still can't get it working.
Had the same yesterday, cleaned cache cookies history etc and worked fine.
Have my settings to auto too.
Ok, I am having the same problem. I am apparently in a battle now so can't reach the homepage. What's the link for the setting page?
Ok, changed to Chrome and switched to HTML5. Hopefully that's it.
Same here with Firefox and flash (auto).
This is very weird. I hear the sounds, the assets are loaded, yet nothing is visible.
Okay... how many of you have an Nvidia card?

It's the weirdest thing.

Firefox + Flash + Nvidia card does not work.

Any other combination does.
I even plugged in my monitor to the integrated motherboard GPU, and it works in firefox.

Disable hardware acceleration, restart FF.

Tracked it down to the exact problem.

1, Go to about:config
2, dom.ipc.plugins.asyncdrawing.enabled -> set to false
happened out of sudden,,had to switch to html5...but i can't play in html this sucks
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