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AuthorAny web/TV series suggestions ??
So many options are always confusing I know I can start at one but well I need something that is the best of your life lol. Like you can just name one series. If I have not watched it, I surely will. The first one to reply down, that's the winner(not that he gets anything xD). My favorite is Sherlock.
Lost in space is really good
If History/war is your genre,
I suggest watching - The Vietnam War, and Chernobyl.
Those 2 are gem of a series.

Also not sure if anime fans are here,
but Haikyuu with new season is trending currently and it is indeed one of my fav Anime, those type for which I skip mangas and wait for them to air always.
What are some good sites to stream anime for free?
9anime.to is better, no shitty ads.
if you can afford 6 dollars a month, Crunchyroll all the way.
for 100thfighter:
Watch Black Clover after that! So good

Death note first , then gundam and then black clover :)
cartooncrazy is my site of choice. Though I torrent more often than I stream.
cartooncrazy for anime? hahaha...
find this one.


its a rare gem of sci-fi, excellent dark utopia.
Description on IMDB for continuum:

A detective from the year 2077 finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver and searching for ruthless criminals from the future.

Very interesting, that much I must admit :)
on 11th episode of Deathnote , its gooood.
The expanse is really good.

Pretty high ratings from rotten tomatoes and imdb and they're justifiable.

Sci-fi and space enthusiast guys would find it cool
for 100thfighter:
no shit. Its only amongst the best stuff out there..
Any web/TV series suggestions ??


Go back and do you homework, otherwise I'll tell you mother!!!
Going from Attack on Titans and Deathnote and now watching overlord it just feels like a downgrade.
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