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Author[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty
!Welcome to Immortal Dynasty!

This clan belongs to one of very few Military Clan of LWM, our aim is to progress further and make this successful battle clan.

[.] Our Birth

It was in the year 159 that the Great War ended with the unfortunate defeat of the Empire. After the Empire was vanquished by Tamaria, the dark land beyond the Great Sea of Longwood, a reign of terror and oppression gripped the lands by storm. The Noble Kings and Queens were abdicated and their places were taken by corrupted officials of Tamaria. The People of the Empire were enslaved, most of their lands were snatched away and they were coerced to mine and forge weapons for the Dark Land. The soldiers who had survived the War were executed in the public. Although the Empire had the possession of a great army of barbarians and warriors, Tamaria had an even bigger army of orcs, trolls, wizards and dragons. Our warriors fought well and died an honorable death. People continued to mourn their journey into the beyond even during hardship.
Soon, the golden days of the past became nostalgic and pleasant memories in the present. The Empire lost its soul. Forests that once covered hundreds of miles of land were cut down and converted into a barren desert. Food and water became scarce for the common folks, as they descended into savagery and theft, while the new rulers from Tamaria rejoiced and prospered. The beautiful air that once whispered gentle greetings was choked with poisonous smoke of industries. Desolation, decay and death were the only agents that roamed the ruins.
A hundred years have passed by. Empire is no longer the ideal haven of the Earth, but only a myth. An eternal layer of black smoke and clouds cloaks away the sun and it is terribly cold. Famine and droughts have plagued the lands as crops fail year after year. People are being tortured and black mailed by Orcs who have been appointed for the ‘justice’ department and hence, the dark tragedy continues till date, the damaged soul of Empire dragging along a meaningless existence.
However we, the People of the Enslaved Land have had enough of this oppression. We must put our foot down for once and battle for liberty! Far in the Iron Mines, a group of brave miners have formed a group for the Revolution. We have started recruiting people and are looking for anyone who has been subjugated in the past. If you are reading this parchment, rise now! Our time has come! Let the enemy hear the sound of our horn and wait for their impending doom. We may not be warriors, or mages, but we are the people of Empire! The very soul of the land flows in our blood! The Gods are at our side. For too long Tamria has had her way with us, but I say no more! Heed my words and join the Revolution. Together we shall put an end to Tamrian control and watch as it burns in the flame of oblivion that we will ignite! For Liberty! For Justice! FOR EMPIRE!!!
However, if it is a Tamarian who is reading this, be wary and fear us. You are a pest that we must control. Leave at once or perish! We will strike when you are at your weakest. Any attempt at finding us will be in vain as we are almost invisible, a blessing from the Gods.
The People of Empire who would like to enlist themselves, to those I say, you must find us on your own. As I said, the Soul of the Land flows in your blood. Listen to your inner voice and you will find us. After all, Et lizge maike brey di na le…
The lord and ladies who helped EMPIRE is those days later formed an alliance called "IMMORTAL DYNASTY". People who wish to enjoy events and are real warriors are welcome to join us.

[.] Requirements to Join:

• Combat level 5 or above.
• Must have clean transfer log.
• Willing to help and support clan for future processing/events.

Entry fee to join is 6000 gold.
Contact Leader, Deputy or Recruiters for further details.

If you are willing to help clan in any way, either by Recruitment,Management,Advertisement etc. contact Leader or Deputy.
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2019-07-03 21:00: Clan has seized control over Great Wall-S2 with #254 Steel buckler.

It only takes two ;)
I wonder if guys had agreement with #249 or took without asking, otherwise you called upon yourself war.

Anyways good to see other clan, hope it grows. :)
Congrats!!! I would love to see another clan grow from .com
: )
All costs for battle are refunded! Join guys! Very few clans do this.
2019-07-03 21:00: Clan has seized control over Great Wall-S2 with #254 Steel buckler.

It only takes two ;)

Congratz! Keep up the good work!
Goodluck in your Journey!!!!
Entry fee is nulled guys!
Join the clan for free!
Also you get refunds on battles!
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Welcome to a couple of new recruits :)
2019-07-13 21:26: Subdistrict Dragons' Caves-E1 with #209 Manufactory of wrath attacked by Survilurgs: lost for 0%. (Summary)

Clans first 0% loss defence over the weekend :)
Hip hip hooray!... I'm rooting for you guys!

(that's only because of that sozzled wizard of yours...)

Keep up the good work!

Sozzled Wizard? Merlin36?
Almost collected enough bg to start the next construction :)
Should work on the log of your clan , looks like some gamblers personal clan rather than a military clan
for Bunny in burrow:
You're looking at it the wrong way.

He's raising the capital of the clan.

Whenever he wins in roulette, he donates some or all the amount to clan and then instead of withdrawing his donation he takes a loan and repays it and then donates again.

If he loses all the money, he buys diamonds.

A good way indeed! Shifting roulette profits into construction! :)
Rich leader xD

Well that's one way of making it a rich clan. We get all the money back from the clan as well for defenses as well as extra gold and then free joining cost
So it is a personal clan
Not a personal clan.
Just an MC with a rich and tycoon leader who takes better care of their clan members better than most clans do :)
whatever floats your boat
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