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AuthorPortal of Time Opens!
Since the last expedition to the past, many events have happened in Abu-Bekr's life. Most of them could hardly be called joyous. In fact, they could have easily toppled any ordinary man. But the court magician is anything but ordinary. His face may be decorated with gray hair and deep wrinkles, but even the most ambitious of the youngest generation of magicians could only envy his will and determination. Whatever is happening in his life - the mind of Abu-Bekr continues to analyze and find solutions to problems. And this time the wizard is more than determined to look a little further than mortals are allowed.

Lords and Ladies, the Portal of Time is once again opened and is ready to invite into his mysterious embrace, all people who are greedy for new discoveries. Everyone of combat level 5 and above can join the scientific expedition to the Past, to protect it from the aggression of its local inhabitants. The main thing - remember that travel to the past can have irreparable consequences in the future, so try not to make any mistakes!

Features of the Portal of Time:
1) Lords of combat level 5 or above are allowed to participate. Only shop artifacts are allowed; enchantments have no effect;

2) Character talents, faction skills and unique racial abilities have no effect, and neither can you take your army into the battle nor cast spells;
3) In combat, you’ll recruit a new set of creatures, just for the Portal of Time. A minimum of 250 crystals is required for access to the portal and will be issued to everyone wishing to attend;
4) Creatures in the army can be combined in any way and they can belong to one or more factions. Their availability is defined by having enough crystals of time to recruit them;
5) When recruiting creatures of different factions, morale is decreased. However, building the "Hall of Unity" prevents any decrease in morale when recruiting creatures across factions;
6) To cast magical spells, you need to unlock the appropriate magic guild; all spells from each magic school are unlocked at expert level.

Combat briefing and mission of the expedition:
1) The battles with the Sentinels of the Past will take place in the format 2 vs 2;
2) For every victory you can earn; creature armaments, mercenary guild elements, artifacts with reduced durability along with a number of Crystals of Time;
3) The number of Crystals gained depends on battle difficulty. Initially 5 difficulty levels are available, from 1 to 5 - and you can start from any one. When you defeat level 5, five additional levels become available, from 1 to 10. When you defeat level 10, you will move on to levels 5 through 15, and so on;
4) During your journey through the Portal of Time, you can win no more than 3 battles at any level;
5)The advantageous location of the stars in the sky suggest the Portal will last only 8 days until July 25 inclusive (+3 days for finish battles, until July 28 inclusive);
6) Abu-Bakir guarantees safe return from the Past for all Lords and Ladies, but limits the number of time travels to 10 per day.Unused travels accumulate (the maximum number of battles is 80);
7) The Empire will generously reward the Lords and Ladies who have collected the greatest number of crystals.

And in order to emphasize the special importance of this expedition, the personal successes of each lord or lady will further be encouraged by the rewarding of parts of a special artifact:

For victory on the 10th level of difficulty: +1 part;
For victory on the 20th level of difficulty: +3 parts;
For victory on the 30th level of difficulty: +4 parts;
For victory on the 40th level of difficulty: +5 parts;
For victory on the 50th level of difficulty: +8 parts;

In addition, up to 30 parts of the special artifact will be rewarded, according to the results, taking into account the personal contribution of each Lord or Lady to the success of the expedition.

If you can collect 100 parts of the artifact, you will be granted from the fragments, a fully-fledged artifact. This artifact cannot be transferred for use or rent, but it can be transferred for repairing or enchanting.

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Good luck fighting the Sentinels of the Past!
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