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AuthorTournament Leaders and Special summer offer!
Dear Lords and Ladies,

Announcing the special Summer Sale! Starting today and through July 31, buy Diamonds and get +10% for free.
But thatís not all:
Buy a total of 25 Diamonds or more and get a unique memorial gift artifact FREE!

Even better, buy a total of 100 Diamonds or more while this sale lasts and get a second unique artifact FREE!


The Rings of cold is treated as a shop artifact, and its parameters depend on the wearerís combat level.

Epic stack of Dwarf warriors(35 cnt.) for donations of more than 150 diamonds.


For every 50 donated diamonds, you will receive 1 Golden scroll of calling (but no more than 10).

Golden scroll of summon

This scroll allows you to call a stack of followers for the Leaders' Guild, with a leadership value of 10,000. The chance to call an epic stack is 5%. This and two other scrolls are now available in the artifact shop under the Other section.

The very first Leaders' Tournament has piqued the interest of both ordinary subjects of the Empire and her famous Heroes. Unusual combinations of units, unexpected shuffling between rounds, and fickle favor of luck - all of these were crucial to the success of the first triumphators. The rest of the competitors received equally worthy prize - invaluable experience, from which wiser strategies will certainly be drawn, because the second tournament is not far off.

Heroes! Fearless leaders! The Empire announces the imminent start of the second Leaders' Tournament. Anyone who wishes to take part in the upcoming competition for a modest entry fee can dispatch their followers to challenge the followers of the best leaders of the Empire in the fight for the main prize money and tournament achievement!


Heroes, before the start of the tournament you need to register and gather 3 armies from creatures of the Leadersí Guild. No creature may appear in more than one army. Don't forget to set up a formation for each army in advance, as well as its order.

The tournament will be divided into groups of 256 participants. Duration Ė 8 rounds, combats Ė single elimination. Round one begins at 10:00, round two Ė at 11:00 etc. Itís not necessary to be in the game; creatures donít perish; Hero doesnít take part in the fight; and artifacts donít lose durability!

Fights will take place under auto set arrangement. After a round is finished, the winner may change and rearrange troops for the following round.

Combat format: 3 duels. The 1st army of the Hero will fight the 1st army of the opponent. the 2nd army Ė with the 2nd, the 3rd with the 3rd. (1x1, 2x2, 3x3). The Hero who has 2 or more victories moves on to the next round.

For each victory Heroes will be rewarded with gold. The reward will increase with each round. In each combat there is a chance to receive one part of a random Imperial artifact.

The winner will be awarded with 2 parts of random Imperial Artifacts. 2nd-4th place will be awarded with 1 such part.

After the tournament is finished, all participants will receive a message on their progress and awards.

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