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AuthorInsight Tournament - Dwarf of Fire
While the passions around the recent military events gradually faded away, discussions about the fate of the Fire Clans who decided to stay in these parts only flared up. Everyone understood very well what the final verdict was going to be. After all, Tolgars word in the Empire weighed a lot, and to miss the opportunity to enlist the support of such a strong ally would be very short-sighted. On the other hand, having entered into an alliance with the worst enemies of the Empire, the fire clans themselves brought great pain to the empire. This fact gave extra ammunition to the opponents of a possible alliance. Therefore, the Empress needed to make a balanced decision that would suit everyone and benefit her people. And soon such a solution was found. The Empire was ready to forget about all the disputes during the recent conflict with the Fire Clan, in exchange for the secrets of their destructive magic. The Dwarves decided not to argue and accepted Her Majestys wise offer, having been placed at the disposal of Abu Bakir for setting up a Dwarf of Fire insight tournament.

Lords and Ladies, negotiations with the Fire Clan dwarves have reached a conclusion and the final verdict of the Empress is expected in the nearest future. In the meantime, as a gesture of goodwill, the Empire announces the start of a special survival tournament, Dwarf of Fire insight. During this competition, everyone from the 5th combat level can test their strength and capabilities in the arena as a dwarf of fire:


The Tournament has no entry fee. Artifacts do not take effect and thus do not break. Extra bonus: +1 HG for each battle. During tournament battles parameters, skills and armies of heroes will be fixed. Those who succeed in mastering the new class will be awarded with unique achievements:


The prize fund will be distributed among all participants who have scored points. The reward will be calculated according to the formula: Reward = Prize fund * Your best result / (Sum of all the best results of the participants).

Dwarves of Fire - alternative class of the Dwarf faction, distinguishing features::

- There are no runes;
- Central skill - pyromancer;
- Each faction skill level adds +1 to spell power;
- The Fireball spell is always available at the basic level.

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