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Author[Tournament] Minor Tournament ++
C'mon guys.. I find unicorn's blinding attack most disturbing. Fear will make you lose just one turn atmost but if blinding triggers, you lose 3 or 4 turns based on your initiative.
for Saira:
Fear attack can make your troop run where others can hit.

Im not telling its better or worse than blind. I would say they are in same league.
And nobody mentions vamps now eh?
for Meshy:
Having problems with them?
I dislike fear more than blind Tbh..
for latviesu lords:
As tier 5 creatures, both of them are of same league; I agree. Nigtmares also have intimidation aura and it can be painful for those who don't have enough morale to overcome that.

for Meshy: vamp's ability don't trigger as much as the fear or blind. Just my personal observation.
Hello, Are there any tables with players statistics in this tournament ? please share link if any.

Cant find alt dwarf in the list.
FD is not really strong against some factions.. Look at this battle


FSL 12 FD was helpless against an FSL 11 DE
for Galabar:
You got lucky with lizard going before bears.
for latviesu lords:

Not really, I have beaten all the Fire Dwarfs I came across as DE.


for Galabar:
I wish i had that easy time here at lvl14
1/4 against FD.

But in 2 games rng screwed me hard.
Most vulnerable faction against FD is charmer elf. As Fire Dwarf, battles against them seems to be so easy !
MT is over. Congratulations to all who achieve their goal/ goals in MT. And to those fighting against FD against odds. Enjoy your rewards.
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