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Author[Military Clan] #7705 Angels & Demons MC
so true - back to 140%

The Ancient ritual event is over so defense rewards are back to 120% - probably not for long though - they will be back to 140% when the next event starts :P

if you would like to join us contact a recruiter or PM me

if you are looking for a military clan to join check out our clan page and contact a recruiter or me if you have any questions :)
As everyone should know by now a smugglers event has started

Rewards for defenses have been increased to 140% x combat level (from the usual 120% something we always do for events)

Invitations are still free, so if you would like to join us - just contact a recruiter or me

good luck to everyone :)
Finally I can now find more A&D facilities to enroll in, and don't have to enrich EFL...

Keep'em coming...
Congrats guys :)
new PoT event - defense rewards increased to 140%, enjoy :)
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