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AuthorFoul Hydra
Does anyone feel the same this creature is kinda useless? in terms of number and ability.
or maybe I use it wrongly?
You wont say this if there is teamed blindflood. :D

But otherwise youah they are useless.
It would be good if it had numbers. Unfortunately, TDE is not allowed variety. Really wish you could experiment with using Termagrants, but what is 20 of them going to do?
I kinda like them. They're cute and they have acid for blood.
I would have used tde either if they had a high termagant count or they gave triple strike to those minos to compensate
Stalkers ain't that big of a deal nor are those liz
for siddi1111:
Termags,stalkers,minos and liz aren't the only tde troops. Harpies and spiders can wreck anything. :D
I guess it is the safest faction to play in CG if you know how to play it. It is only their hydras that suck. :)
Harpies and spiders can wreck anything. :D

yes but at fsl below 9 its useless as spawn count is very low
Ask The One Ring, he's one of those TDE pros at his cl. ;)
Personally, I would never like to face TDE as a CE. :D
for siddi1111:
fsl mate... That really matters. Yup, I am talking about someone having FSL10+. Below fsl10 your summoning will suck :p
for Botmun:
You never want to face def builds with charmer.
I think hydra numbers are low is because they would be too strong with a defense build and summons. But I do not understand the reasoning behind low termagrant count. They are literally weaker than shrews...
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