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Author46th Minor Tournament ++
Doesn't really matter , it was probably my unfarmed guilds , just back to have some fun , I didnt win I didn't win as simple as that , Maybe next time , would have tried more but don't want to deprive myself of gold .
Hello, .com players. Do yo have any minds about what to choose at 11 lvl?

10lvl necromancer + 4 anti, or 9+5 but well farmed guilds?
2 duels enough to realise why i hate duels
Anyone can tell how much FDs around. Maybe should go with TDE
This was the first time for me to play MT with more than one faction. I ended up 15/19 DE, 15/37 CE and 15/34 FB. Of course there were some close battles where stat points from guilds or luck/morale triggers played a major role, but the vast majority of fights were decided by tactical means. Sometimes I see comments here about unfairness and the importance of every little stat point. As I see it, the drawback if I encounter a player with two extra stat points from higher CG level is in fact not those two points as much as the gap in duelling experience.

I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

Well, I did.
Except morale ruined it for me 2 times, lost me 2 battles xD
Finished with this though;
Elf 15/16. Barb 15/18 (Gold lost I think)
for Marco Reus:
only if you had studied and been good at maths :)
15/18= 83.3 which is silver, but when can I ever expect you to be good at simple things....

anyhow why was your ban lifted?
To Majblomma:
Why didn't you play usual elf? Better for duel than charmer (on my level atleast)
for Uncle Psycho:
I dont think thats how medals are calculated this time. Check announcement. Win percentage among all players.
He can still get gold with 15/18. Depends on how well other players did.

Gold: 15 wins with a faction and the ratio of victories to attempts is in the 90th percentile among all tournament players for the same faction and combat level
2 golds, 1 silver here
Just 1 elf had 15/15 in lvl 11, made it my silver medal sigh..
No 9 bronze for me </3

This is the first time I managed to finish MT with all 9 factions and trust me it was a lot of fun.
2 gold, 3 silver and rest bronze medals for me, I could get 2 more golds instead of silver if I didnt go afk and took this seriously :D
for Rengar:
Just calculated that you'll be getting 171k for just 1 gold medal, which makes it overall reward as roughly around freaking 1m gold.
Thats insane and amazing :D
share some prize na,

100k would be beautiful
When are we getting out rewards?
rewards are out around 50K for bronze, whats the silver and gold rewards guys ?
I think in this MT, gold ratio for medals are not 50%,30% and 20% hence calc error,
grats anyways for 500k Rengar ;p
Just calculated that you'll be getting 171k for just 1 gold medal

Looks like someone missed their math classes
My bad :D
Although less proportion pool for Gold medal and more for silver and bronze makes sense since there are always more players with bronze and silver.

This generously rewards all medalists, so great job for admins on this part.
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