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*top 100
Such an awesome event. I leveled my Tribal FSP four times and never had to build a castle or fight with them. :-)
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // User Requested]
for Ryric:
Yeah PoT is my favorite event of all. Building armies with crystal was especially fun at lower levels when you are otherwise limited to use of fewer factions/castles in normal gameplay. Enjoy :)
Portal of Time - Recruit troops
Crystals of time: total 3,674, available 73
Total combats: 80, Victories: 72

On chill mode
for virtual_vitrea:
That was typo
I mentioned its top100* in next post afterwards.
In that case, one could argue that there are drastically more participants playing the event at those combat levels you are considering non-low. As far as i know, not many truly new players at level 5-8 will have the resources (this is speaking for physical resources such as gold/arts, etc., and mental resources in form of acquired strategy +knowledge or even intention to participate), and as a result their representation in top 100 or lack thereof does not permit much deduction, it is surrounded by many confounding variables.

Do you remember when you were in that level range 5-10 as a first time player? Not agreeing with lawton, but i have to say it can seem strange to see not 1 or 2, but many of those in top 10.
I agree that the presence of higher tier troops, and the fact that higher level opponents will have more talents to exaggerate certain aspects, may make it not a 100% balanced event for all combat levels.

However, this is ever the case. True balance is only attainable in LeG events when combat level does not matter, and even then easy access to epic troops is variable with levels due to having different average AP levels.

This variation does not invalidate any individual control. Nor does it mean that since some levels may find it on average a touchy easier, that it is therefore not possible at higher levels. (perhaps more accurately means that the variation between the strength of your build is felt less keenly against certain opponents, a build who has to deal direct damage will struggle more against a high tier opponent with a large stack of tormentors or whatever) than the same build against a lower level.

All this does is highlight the need to select a build which is less prone to those variations in build.
for virtual_vitrea:
Who are you kidding? ;)
There are practically negligible *new players* now. Kudos to admins on that part.

New ids are mostly old players returning or people starting over again ( like me, yes. )

Now if you divide players in 3 categories,
Low levels, mid levels, high levels ( 18-19+ ) , then high lvl players must have lowest player pool, and still they get to be in top100 in highest density, clearly indicates its now a disadvantage to them.

If there were no high lvls in top100, then lawton's point would have been valid.
But he is indeed taking out his frustration on system just because he couldn't do well.
indicates its now a disadvantage to them.
NOT a disadvantage.

I get typos a lot lmao
Do you remember when you were in that level range 5-10 as a first time player?
That is 100% true,
But low levels in top100 are NOT actually *new players*.
for Lord MilesTeg:
You must be joking about that pay2win considering LeG.
for latviesu lords:
Nope, LeG is probably the most balanced event considering combat level since this is not a direct factor. Note that this is different to saying it is the most balanced overall.

Pay2Win is not level dependent
There's no single LeG tourna won by players not having donation troops.
They farm gold so easily.. if LeG is not p2w, then nothing is in this game, IMHO.
LeG events are good, if you have the right troops then you can pull it off. LeG trouny is obviously dominated by active players with lot of epics and donation troops.

If there is an intentional advantage of lower and higher level players in events then it's fine, the game will grow.

Higher level players keep involved in game with donations rolling while rest of them either create new accounts or come to forum to join others who whine about it.
for Murali:
Pull ot of without pikeman cmon man. Enough is enough.
Magic cloak please

for merlin36:
Someone listed to you ;)
Claimed reward:
What a ripoff for those that went as high as they could.
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