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AuthorLogging out automatically every 2-5minutes
Hey devs, I've been experiencing this problem of logging out during game browsing as well as during battles and its extremely annoying as I have to login back again to resume the match. Hope this gets fixed as soon as possible. Thanks.

This is the third time I'm rewriting this report as the game is logging me out constantly. Please have a look at this.
Oh, I though its just because my network down because silent days, you had it too? And sometimes we can't loading. Its says

Game HeroesWM.ru is not available :(
Due to an accident in the data center of our provider, the heroeswm.ru server is unavailable. We are waiting for a speedy solution to the problem

Its happen often :(
yeah that's another problem I face, but there's a temporary fix to that. You just need to clear your browser's cache from settings. Nonetheless, it keeps coming back. This bug I'm currently facing logs me out frequently when I'm in the middle of something important. Imagine getting logged out when playing cards with a 15sec turn or having to miss a crucial move in GBs or having to login back after each 3 or 4 moves u make in a hunt. Extremely annoying. Devs, please do fix this as I'm sure many of the others might be facing this as well.

Fun fact: Got logged out again while typig this too xD
RESOLVED: Issue lied in corrupt cookies being set while using a password manager to log into the game. When logging in manually by filling out credentials, the cookies seem to have been set correctly.
But password managers are more convenient :/ Hope that gets fixed in the coming updates.
Correction to #4
Issue still persists even when disabling password manager
Error pages kept showing up for half the time when playing this game for months now, got reported tons of times. Some admins here even closed some of the reports. As if it was something to be ignored. Looks like those were the first cracks and when it didn't get fixed it resulted into more and more. And the 'Due to an accident in the data center of our provider, the heroeswm.ru server is unavailable.' is nothing more than plausible deniability.
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