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AuthorMini Balancing - https://www.heroeswm.ru/forum_messa ges.php?tid=2766345
Please POST here which factions have reduced or increased troops.
Sorry if this is not the right section for this thread. I guess i am more of enquring so it is a query :)
CL 13 demon -1 mistress -2 spawns

Interested to know what happened to fire dwarf?
fire dwarf got nerfed badly, lost a dragon if i am right!
Lvl15 DE
-1 ladon and -2shrews. :(
TDE lost 1 lizard if im not mistsken. And - 1 mino aswell.
dwarves and necros are impossible to beat for elves
dwarves have been impossible for elves, sort of since always :D

Classic elf has a shot at my level if the jades and unicorns get lucky (blinding and crits or luck).
class barb 14
-3 goblin -1 orcs -2 ogre (Just great)
2 Ogre = 5 orcs
CL 15 tribal
+1 wyern +1 enforcer +1 goblin -2 centaur
Hm...what can i say...Battlewise Wizard
lelev 17
+4 gremlin wreckers or
+16 Grotesque or
+ 7 lodestone golems or
+1 Battlemagi or
+1 Fortune geenies

compared to previous recruitment
Actualy what you get at the end is +4 gremlin wreckers, +3 grotesque, +1 battlemagi +1 fortune geenie
Seems like a lot but that wont change the dynamics much for Pvp, the extra 3 grotesques might if they manage to outlast small hit(s) when blocking path.
Tribal : +1 tamed vyvern, -3 commanders

De: -1 shrews +1 mino -2 liz -1 hydra

Elf: +2 efk, +1 gmb

Classic barb: -2 wolves, -1 orc, -2 ogres

Very bad update for tribal and de as commanders were vital and now reduced numbers would mean even lower powered attacks at low spirit levels
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