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Author[Event] Rogue Raids
for Fury_Barb:
Go with full attack and pedant of warth. +replaxe those cart trash shooters with spies or infiltrators i already forgot whom you had
Man, i aint doing it further
Too tired :/
Victories / Combats: 60 / 71

Silver available: 2,074
Silver gained: 77,791

gold: 103,710
TG points: 60
HG points: 60
armaments: 60
diamonds: 4
parts of artefact of Dark: 45
stacks of LG: 8
parts of stacks of LG: 222
scrolls of calling: 9

Clan points: 60
Victories / Combats: 5 / 9

Silver available: 24
Silver gained: 1,459

gold: 3,032
TG points: 0
HG points: 5
armaments: 6
diamonds: 0
parts of artefact of Dark: 0
stacks of LG: 1
parts of stacks of LG: 4
scrolls of calling: 1
Why is the market price of the minor artefact so much higher than the conventional one?
I hope 10th art gives some good bonus. Magic shi3ld ones are useless.
Repair costs.
I see lol @mellor. Thanks
Prizes are out
So when do you think the next event would come?
Next event is War of factions.
What is that?
War of factions? Can somebody explain?
for uio:
Ignore. That's not the next event. Its just a tournament Marco Reus wants to conduct.
for Blindspot:
not me, a tournament everybody wants me to conduct but the fascist rules are stopping me

I like the idea and the declaration! Bring it on. We have had more than enough of the usual regurgitated crap.
closed by Magier (2020-06-02 10:07:46)
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