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AuthorFreight Delivery
Might have been best to just finish all the attempts on ship level 6 and buy the few remaining attempts to reach 80 wins,
Would have been cheaper compared to the amount of losses on ship level 7, oh well, didnt know we could buy attempts ^^

There is something truly awful about watching 97 gargoyles with expert stone skin die all in one hit...

... and on a minimum freight load, at that.
Went safe, ended at ship 5

Hauls: 90
Victories: 84
Freight delivered: 8770.00 t.
Profit: 47,048 g.
I defeated ISIS ! Feels good to have defeated a terrorist organisation :)

Rewards out
Rewards are shining I feel. With gold reward from event itself and now the rewards. Worth the difficulty

nice gold reward is a bonus I Was not expecting, quite a few .commers I spotted in the top 100.
Good job for the gold rewards, the artifact is not worth a lot! You can get a full durability at for about 45k!
quite a few .commers I spotted in the top 100.

Your posts here helped a lot. I started late and used your score as benchmark. I gave up early on ship 7 and hauled minimal cargo until the end. Yet it was very painful with many losses. Congrats to a great score!
for Lord MilesTeg:

Yes, your tips and posts gave us some idea how to play. Thank you.
Good job guys :)
Fantastic rewards lol, 60-70k in the green. Now to scrounge up the remaining 50k for TG before lvl 11 hopefully
The ocean amulet is the cutest artifact i've ever seen
Looks simmilar to druid amulet
Nah, I was ~150 silver short to make it in TOP 100. But rank 13 in earned gold is nice :)

for Marquise: It's really beautiful! I hope they also introduce nice bonuses to make the ocean set more useful, competitive to pirate or dungeon sets :)
for Majblomma:
Im glad it was useful, that was ever the intention. This sort of event is very much about judging how far to push the difficulty, something much harder to do blind, but easier if we share. It is also one where some builds work well, and others get torn to pieces regularly. I decided to try and share battles to do my bit. Then I ended up doing quite well, which almost made me stop sharing, I did not want it to be thought that I was sharing to be boastful, but the original intention to share and help remained, and that dominated.
Then I ended up doing quite well, which almost made me stop sharing, I did not want it to be thought that I was sharing to be boastful

It's easy to tell which ones only share when they are successful and which ones try to share helpful hints in most events.
We appreciate it.
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