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AuthorVisiting Lordswm after a little over 5 long years
Ah! The good old off game forum of Lordswm. I didn't even know how much I missed all of this until I got back on here and started to look around. And while so much has changed out here since I last came on all the way back in 2015, it somehow still feels...like home.

Most (almost all) of you might not know me, so I guess a little introduction is called for. I used to go by the name Vlaer (id=4906873) and I was a really active member in the community. I was among the founding members of the clan Angels and Demons and helped build it up from the ground right alongside Jedi (so happy and proud to see the heights it has reached today, kudos!). Some very old players may also recognize me from the bunch of tournaments I used to host back when we didn't have a lot of regular events going on!

For some reason, I still remember the day we got to know that Lordswm was going to be merged with its sister Heroeswm server like it was yesterday. I remember it coming as a shock and a surprise to most of us. The forums were filled with messages of sadness, a fear that this community that we had built up over all these years together was finally coming to an end.

And such an amazing community this was! Back then, there were a lot of times in the day when you'd hardly have 200 people online at the same time. The community was in the most literal sense really small. This was bad when it came to finding matches but amazing when it came to getting to know each other. I still fondly remember the fun we used to have in the old Flooding thread (that used to regularly get banned), the hit-miss games thread (which I am so happy to see is continuing to this day!) and the amazing jokes thread that always had something that made me laugh! I hope it is still like that today!

Oh and the avatar makers! Selling avatars was what I would call the biggest gold making scam ever (after clan recruitments) run on Lords. And may I say I myself was a very successful avatar dealer. Back then, a lot of the people I knew would have a bunch of accounts, mark them as their cousins and send items or gold from them to their main account and admins didn't bother flagging them. And ofc there were people who did their massive investigations to try to report them. Those were fun times indeed!

I guess Lords was a lot simpler back then. Map was super small. Most people didn't have the thieves' guild thingy (forgot what that was called) as it was extremely expensive so you would almost never get attacked while travelling. No rangers guild or anything of the sort. We still had the mercenaries guild though. Nothing other than basic duels and group battles and the good old tavern and roulette games. Most players you encountered didn't have diamonds so you were almost always evenly matched in games. Life was simple.

A lot of people decided to quit Lords when the merger happened. I was one of them. To be fair, it wasn't a bad decision by the admins in retrospect. The player base was waning and without the merger, it wouldn't have been an economically sound decision anymore to continue a separate English server. But with completely random strangers in my games that I had no connection with and couldn't even communicate in a common tongue, I kind of lost interest.

I did once try to come back a few years ago, but found out my account had been blocked. Reached out to Lexa, I got my password reset, only to realize I had already deleted the email account I had used to create my Lords account. With no way to gain my account back, I just called it quits and moved on. I accidentally stumbled upon a lordswm email from long ago and I just had to come back here and check out what was happening!

Most people I remember haven't logged back in in a long long time, I guess they have quit as well. I see so many changes, yet everything feels somewhat the same. The maps are much bigger, that's for sure!

Gosh, its been so long, I don't even remember the forum rules anymore. I know there isn't really
world got colder after the explosion bro,, storytellers are now on instagram
game Evolved .. some didnt ..
for Liongo:
Come back! It is still lots of fun! Anyway, it was fun to read your post.
Come back! It is still lots of fun! More fun than before ,love new lords
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