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AuthorRe-Rent arts
Sometimes I will rent arts from the depo for a surv attack, an then there are still slots to be filled straight after. This means I need to rent the exact same arts again. As it is I have to return them, then go back into the depo to rent them.

It would be nice if you had an option that other than just returning the arts, you could also rent them again in the normal way (so long as you were at a depo spot I guess)
Agree this would be nice. Another workaround is to rent for a couple of battles and then return the unused for a refund. This does however incur the 1% transaction fee.

The depot renting interface could be a bit slicker in general. In addition to this re-rent button it would be nice to be able to save sets or have a 'rent and equip' option. Individually renting every art and equipping is quite a lot of clicks every time there is a defence.
+1, Please do this for arts rented from the Artifact Shop also.
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