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AuthorInner conflict
Part 9: Unwanted inevitability

For years Sublime Arbor was under the banner of Lord Basion, but one day Basions loyal commanders were sitting at assembly room, when Lord Basion announced that his services are needed elsewhere. His ancestors prophecised him one spiritual journey of highest importance, which he tried to avoid, but now there was no time to postpone it because Basions survival depended on completing this journey.

It is worth to notice that all lords assembled were stunned by this revelation but noone spoke to object. Basion then announced " I have already sent a message to the king. I have resigned my duties and therefore there comes a vote for new grand commander of Sublime Arbor. Those who deem worthy should apply for the position. "

All assembled looked upon themselves in silence and stunned from the message Basion delivered them in person they did not even notice that Basion left the room. All lords retreated to their quarters shortly afterwards.
Wizard grandmaster Merlin was in his quarters sitting next to the window. He knew lord Basion the longest time and he was closest to him. With him he was able to assemble armies and commanders to lift the banner of this dynasty. He was his close ally, friend and there is unspoken truth that when Basion has issued a decree, Merlin was the one who managed to prepare all necessities if it meant things like crop prices, toll fees or every other economical or military decrees. Merlin was great adviser and organiser. Also a diplomat. Now he was in his quarters and in his soul arose a question " Should it be me who will continue in the legacy Basion created? I helped him a lot, but am i the one who should? There are many of those who are more suitable for this position. "

Merlin was advisor and mentor. That was well known, but was he a leader? This thought crept and clawed upon his soul.

Later that night PooDelivery came into Yashus chambers with a parchment. " Shall it be like this, lord Yashu? " Yashu inspected the parchment closely and said " I find no objection in this one. " Poo nodded and left with parchment. Later on he mounted a horse and rode straight out of a city.

" Where did Poo go, lord Yashu? " Merlin asked him when he saw Poo ride out of city. " To the kingdom castle, my lord. " Merlin was stunned and then just nodded and left. Poo probably was the one who should take up the banner. He was necromancer as well as Basion, also Basion spoke in high regards recently about Poo. He should be the one. Poo was watched not only by Merlin, but other lords in the castle. Namely Rohan, Warrior and Detheroc. Detheroc when he saw Poo, mounted his horse and rode to kingdom castle as well.
Both lords came back few days later. They came into an assembly room, when all eyes were on them. Both meanwhile were labeled traitors between commoners. Poo has been here just few months and already wanted to usurp the title. Detheroc has been around much longer but still did not have enough trust between commoners.

Both lords came into assembly room, when all lords were gathered there already. Poo spoke first " My visit to the castle was met with amazement when i arrived also with message i delivered. " " For sure it was, lord Poo. It is uncommon that one of your likes takes the title. " Spoke warrior with quite noticeable disdain in hos voice. " I am well aware of it. " Poo then showed the parchment signed with king himself. All lords took the courtesy of reading. On the parchment was written " On behalf of nobility loyal to the Crown and banner of Lord Basion let it be known that unanimous decision is that Grandmaster wizard Merlin should be appointed new Grand Commander of Sublime Arbor. Grandmaster Merlin has been loyal advisor to lord Basion for all the time while lord Basion was commanding the lands assigned by your Majesty. Person of lord Merlin is held with high regards of commoners and nobility as well. His influence on operation and peace in Sublime Arbor is well known and there is noone other more worthy for this position than Grandmaster wizard Merlin. "

Upon reading the parchment all eyes were upon Detheroc, who just said " I sent personally a message with same meaning, but not that eloquently worded. " He presented his parchment, which confirmed his words. All eyes then turned towards Merlin, who just stood stunned looking around.
There it was. Merlin was officialy nominated for position of leader. Merlin could not believe the situation himself. All others were amazed by Poos and Detherocs initiative, but no objection was raised. They all agreeed unanimously even thou the matter was discussed right after it was officially announced.

Message of Poo and Detheroc was relayed to the commoners of Sublime Arbor. The response was immediate, all praised Merlin. Poo and Detheroc were still held as traitors by some, but those were just few not worth to mention.

Merlin sat in his quarters. he knew that it takes a time for king to decide and things can be different. He wished it could happen, because he was no leader. he was advisor, he was mentor, he was counsellor.. he felt he is not a leader. Merlin went for a walk, when he met his holines Rohan walking. " I sense a conflict in you, lord Merlin. " " I do not know if i can take up to this position, i do not feel worthy.. " " Yet your deeds tell other story. I was also in conflict if i should take up a sword and lead men to battle. Yet i found strenght in my faith and it led me to the place i am in now. " " Your faith led you, but there is none of this in me.. " " Yet your fellow commanders owe you a lot. I know that it is hard to accept it, but you have been mentor to us. I know that you feel that the position should be held by someone of Basions stature.. but know this.. it applies to kings as well. King is either the mightiest empereror or the busiest servant. You have highest qualities to apply for this position. I saw you mostly between parchments or speaking with commoners about their perils and shortages. And your voice of reason has always proven itself right when we were blinded by our egos. Poo was right when he spoke to king with high regards of you. You are the one whom we deserve. Mentor, advisor and counsellor. If you need an advice of any matter, do not hesitate to ask. If leader must be strong, highest strenght of leader is to not be shy to ask for advice of his loyal advisors. Basion knew that as well, that is why he had you as his advisor. Now it is your time to take up his title and continue with the legacy you both created. "
Merlin walked with Rohan in silence thinking about what Rohan told him, when he looked upon Rohan and said " For all these years i was content with being the one in the shade. Suddenly i am the on in front.. " " It is strange feeling, i also was not thinking i would be fighting alongside undead and calling them as alliens, but you know what they say.. " " Yes.. Gods paths are mysterious.. " " And now it is your path to walk on.. " " Let me think about it for a while.. " " For sure my lord.. " Rohan nodded when Merlin again retreated to his quarters.

Few days later lords assembled in assembly room, when Merlin came in last. Merlin walked towards all assembled lords and told them " I know what you are thinking.. i have been around since creation of this dynasty and i have been around when you all here came in to seek shelter... and all the stuff.. and therefore i should be it.. so.. let it be know that i accept.. " All room cheered, when Merlin silenced them and said " But let it be known that if i will be hanged for incompetence, it is your fault, gentlemen! " Faux threat, when Warrior spoke first laughing " I am sure that everyone here would gladly have a swing on the hangmans noose with you. "
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