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AuthorLink WG to defenses
+1 and hence encouraging defences and making MC a precious commodity to be in :)
Nice idea! This would be a great improvement to the game, as its still one of the only games where you dont want to level up! whit all the new potions i think admins realized this problem and with this idea you gave them a new tool to solve it! you should get rewarded :)

so admins a hughe +1 and pls go on to make this game competitive to others
A thousand times yes
+0.3 to Commanders Guild for successful defense
commanders guild points would be nice way to offset those who farm cg points from attacking/defending other mc clans
Rewarding commander guild points for fights versus ai is not good, should not happen. Also defense should not give option to get extra stats. Not all have access to defenses.

Meanwhile giving the option to choose the source you gain WG points in my opinion makes great sense.
Rewarding commander guild points for fights versus ai is not good

you mean the fights that already happen in low activity hours in cg? because those have been happening for quite some time...
Also in PT and great experiment,so there is precedent i guess
Love this idea. This will surely promote more existing players to play WG.
... but I think, it would be better to extend the CG points for all kind of facility related battles, not just the MC vs MC.
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