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AuthorUpcoming event-Pharaohs
Silver: 544
Glory: 117,817 / 118,600

Victories / Combats: 40 / 46
Total victories / combats: 149 / 156

gold: 223,025
HG points: 49
MG points: 40
TG points: 12
WG points: 11.7
diamonds: 4
armaments: 48
armaments of Pharaoh: 30
parts of Dark ring: 45
parts of Imperial boots: 20
stacks of LG: 8
parts of stacks of LG: 160
scrolls of calling: 7
silver: 142,504

Last 10 levels are much harder than I expected, especially the lvl 40. Had to farm additional 50 battles to get enough troops to beat it.
And lvl 40 cleared, I'm done with this marathon.
@santremus 500+ atm, probably gonna get worse
Hi, i need help i dont know what to do https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=1078181455&show_for_all=L0159139077 :( level 36
Lv 31 please...
All people looks easy finish 32 and other with amunisinya but not me... 32... What i should use and abandon to finish level 32-40?
It is extremely difficult to win those levels. I suggest u to not repeat the same mistake as me and grind maximum additional levels before doing stage 31-40.

Even if u do win stage 31-35 without a max army, u will not be able to pass 36+.
I have over 30 defeats and now am doing additional battles. If u take a look at the excel form I sent u, u can see the battles being played with max armies :p.
for Eddreine_RinLi:
If your looking for low risk to complete event, then complete additional levels till level 56 before attempting main level 30+.
Or u can be a fool like me and end up being so broke that I have to get loan from the clan.
Thought I could keep trying level 36 and then eventually pass it. Eventually I did, but then I was stuck at level 37. Now I am finishing my additional battles as to not waste any more gold.

Victories / Combats: 36 / 62
Total victories / combats: 197 / 260
for Murali:that also not easy
So if you join clan when you have already finished lvl30. Do you get those 30 points after beating 1 more level or its all waste
Yes you get 31 points to new clan after completing level 31.
My subpar results:

Silver: 1,902
Glory: 115,491 / 116,000

Victories / Combats: 30 / 49
Total victories / combats: 145 / 174

gold: 153,381
HG points: 40.2
MG points: 30
TG points: 12.3
WG points: 12
diamonds: 2
armaments: 36
armaments of Pharaoh: 34
parts of Dark ring: 45
parts of Imperial boots: 20
stacks of LG: 6
parts of stacks of LG: 48
scrolls of calling: 5
silver: 146,652
Any lvl 15 who has completed all 40 levels?
This event is ridiculous. Developers were stoned when they created this event and didnt test some levels.

Some levels can only be passed based on luck factor. You just hope that enemy doesnt get morale and you get a lot.
my head and fingers hurt from playing so damn many auxillary battles lmao
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