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Author[Lease][Part "Dungeon" set and others items][1470/combat]
I am hurt and angry and ready to crush everyone on my path with this Dungeon set, ready to be leased from Hapkoman.
Dungeon what? Dungeon who? D-D-Dungeon set! Still up for lease, get it while its sweaty from use
Oops I tripped and broke my rib cage. Should've put on that Dungeon set... soo good and for an ok price...
One thousand four hundred and seventy bucks I told em... and they gosh darn diddly damn it took it and wore it and won. What you may ask? The Dungeon set. Obviously. Ok bye
hurr durr another event another possibility to use the Dungeon set (:
Oh look, what's this? Is it the Dungeon set? It is!
It is a one of a kind, multiple generation armor for killing your opponents. WoW! Who knew getting +8 attack, +12 defense, +3 spellpower, +3 knowledge, +15% initiative, +30% magic resistance could be so useful?!

If I were you, I'd get it just for the sake of getting it... the Dungeon set... oh what a beauty...
Recruiting day? More like put the Dungeon set on day!
Swords go cling clang cling clang.
Blood go splurt splurt.
Take on the Dungeon set
and be prepared
Offers still upperino pepperino
Oopsy, busy day but I can still provide you with the best of the best Dungeon set :)
Jinkies! I've found a clue... "You can rent the Dungeon set now from Hapkoman"... I didn't expect him to be a monster!
*GULP* *GULP* *GULP* Ahhh... the fresh blood of my enemies...
You could get some to by destroying them in the amazing Dungeon set
Holy molly! It is better than molly... get the Dungeon set now with the low low price of 1470 gold per combat
Oopsie missed a day, but hopefully you won't miss out on this awesome Dungeon set :)
Going off to battle? How about you get a pick me up hottie Dungeon set?
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