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AuthorHow does shares work?
So I learned that you need 20 parts of an art to sell 1 which sounds like a big scam so I have been wondering if its the same case with shares?
Say I buy 4 shares of a facility, so do I own 4 shares of that particular facility or there's a catch to it too?
you get 4 shares of the facility.

Each share gets you 1% of the profit (not income) of the facility per week :)
And what are those number in parenthesis?
Like xxx fcaility area - 2 [4]
what does that 4 means?
for SHadyReaper:
Level 1lvl=3 work spots
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okay great! thank you!
Where did shares originally come from? i only see them now on the market. but how were they distributed amongst players?
but how were they distributed amongst players?
Adventures guild I believe (unsure)
for xXmaxyXx:
1)20,000 shares of two hundred production facilities were distributed free of charge among the 19,589 most active Lords and Ladies of the Empire from the 5th combat level;
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