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How does the silver-->gold conversion work? I got some troops early on that have become pretty expensive. If I sell those, will it help with the final amount of gold I get?
no its about the total amount you made

i dunno how much gold per silver you get
That's good to know thanks.
Victories / Combats: 84 / 124

Silver available: 19,669
Silver gained: 108,645

I have a feeling that the difficulty went up for the last 14 battles. I was able to win a battle for 1900+ silver yesterday and today I was struggling with 1600-1700. Maybe the enemy strength depends on your cannon upgrades? Strange.

for Prozyk: Turning on autocombat is risky, as the AI playing for your troops probably makes the same mistakes as AI playing enemy, i.e. going away from cannons which were already blocked, chasing other enemies. I have won a few battles thanks to this enemy behaviour, where I would lose hopelessly otherwise.
P.S. Did anyone use shooter build? I guess yes, as prices of bucaneers and flibustiers are up. Please, could someone share a battle example? I am curious how good they are and what is the strategy :)
for krovak:
I doubt low level players can use them. Probably the noobs and the level 18+ can possibly use them. Reason being they suck unless u get to shoot first. And u don't have access to much initiative at lower levels.
You can but need two birds and upgraded nix to block canons turn 1
Victories / Combats: 84

Silver available: 1,329
Silver gained: 75,254

Went for attack build so I can get fast wins. Didn't care much about silver.
Happy with the 5 diamonds and whatever arts we'll get :)
How are u going to block cannons turn 1 lol. The cannons move BEFORE your troops bro.

At least for my level this is the case 90% of the time.
5 diamonds? i didnt get any
How are u going to block cannons turn 1 lol. The cannons move BEFORE your troops bro.

9 times out of 10 i get to block cannons first turn.

of course there is always the bad init swing sometimes
Victories / Combats: 84 / 94

Silver available: 2,990
Silver gained: 79,266
Considering i didnt use best arts nor put effort in, my pirates and that stock blue thing go before cannons :D

Look. Maybe u need to do harder battles
Victories / Combats: 84 / 92

Silver available: 80
Silver gained: 79,035
Did anyone use shooter build

I use shooters build, but i cannot win to much gold
Here is my last win :

Victories / Combats: 84 / 86

Silver available: 308
Silver gained: 86,454

Was just chilling
Victories / Combats: 84 / 119

Silver available: 2,001
Silver gained: 105,076
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