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Since ancient times, there has been a legend told to children around the lands of the Empire about wonderful spirits of moods. These are said to be magical creatures that live between the worlds and can sometimes be called to show strong emotions, in order to increase their strength and impact on others. For a long time, the mages of Sun City tried with varying success to imitate their presence through magical illusions, but recently the taverns began to be full of strange stories. Some of them swore that they saw with their own eyes how the spirit of mood made a whole tribe of harsh Orcs flood with unrestrained laughter. Others talked about miraculous rescues, when the beasts that had fallen into madness suddenly calmed down, as if sharing the fear of cornered travelers. Magical illusions were obviously not capable of explaining such events, and therefore, the matter was different - in a rather thin curtain between our world and the worlds of unknown wonders. Who knows how many wonderful mysteries that are still left to reveal themselves to us, but in the meantime, the residents of the Empire have an extra opportunity to smile a little.

Lords and Ladies! The Empire has received a surge of colourful emotions - and we are pleased to inform you about a number of technical and visual changes in game chat! The main updates: a new interface, graphic design and most importantly - a lot of new colourful smileys. These are not the last changes associated with the game chat - and soon we hope to please you with more novelties.

Smile more often and share your mood with others!
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