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AuthorMixed battles in CG
While the ship's cannons hammered away at the Empire’s coast, the glorious triumphs of the 39th Mixed Tournament Plus were honoured in its very heart. However, the celebration prevailed not only in the arena during the awards ceremony, but also in its backstage. Where master tacticians among the famous combat veterans of the past gathered. From the height of their immeasurable experience, these sages saw what many of the young and ardent Empire’s Lords and Ladies often do not notice in the rage of battle. The methodology in selecting opponents for the most spectacular mixed-type battles has made a significant step forward in recent years. And to miss such a chance for the Commanders' guild would be just blasphemy.

Glorious Lords and Ladies, the Commanders' guild representatives are in a hurry to please you with the news of the long-awaited return of mixed battles! From now on, enlisting for mixed format battles will be accepted at the end of each hour from x: 50 to x: 00 minutes. In the period from x: 20 to x: 30 minutes, as before, enlisting for paired battles will be accepted.

Interesting battles and beautiful victories!
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