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AuthorNew Event-Tribal Path
You must be the only one.
Because this is probably the go-to art for many use cases now.
Mediocre tier in my book.
Best backpack for rushers in PvP now
Whats a rusher
for Rengar:
Is it though? Wouldnt you rather take robbers bag? It gives much more ini when combined with robber set bonus from using armours
Hourglass gives much more initiative. Granted I checked mine which has one less ATK. 3 ATK 3 ini isn't that bad, but nothing outstanding, it's just a temporal sphere that traded one defense for one attack.
What makes it valuable is the existence of builds where attack is a lot more desirable than defense.

That would be the builds you see in this very FFA event. People playing with 80 attack and 26 defense. What use in defense if you will get one-hit anyway.

Similar is the case for rushers in PVP as rengar mentioned.
for merlin36:
You need 4 robbers arts for that. 4 robbers arts= no imperial/dark set extra ignore defence. Means you aint beating imperial mages/ shield attackers.
I liked the rewards from battles in this event and trying the new troops as well
other than that it's just ok
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