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   Forums-->General game forum-->What event, item, LeG stack do u want next? 2.0

AuthorWhat event, item, LeG stack do u want next? 2.0
I think also possible that itТs going to be the necromancer. It was my memory that there were only 3 factions of the past, but I was probably wrong
for Marquise:
knights, demons, necro, tribal and amphibian ones ;d

so 5 :D Although I always forget the demons so possibly demons too as Prozyk said ;D
Leader's event please! I am 2 points from LG 10! Finally!

And make it the mercenary ones
And make it the mercenary ones
Are there 2 kinds of LeG events?
for Loafoant:
yea solo LG event and paired LG event
I think it will be hunting season now :D
Hunting season is fun too I guess. I wouldnТt mind that
for kchong:
your wish came true but I don't like it!
It seems Kchong is admin :p
if so pls kill random
I wish lol

Next event either hunting season or PoT for sure.

Or freight delivery but nobody wants that
kchong is the empire herself, walking among commoners in a disguise.
Oh no someone found out my true identity. Do not tell anyone.
1,000,000 gold pieces will be credited to your account in a moment
for LeG it wouldn't matter
can't ask for portal of time as the recruiting system in the event is different and I don't know how it will be implemented on LeG.
for FearMyArmy:
not leg :p
so season hunting now for sure riiight
Anniversary is next event
yes and hunting season too :party:
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