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Author14th Aniversary!
The Empire celebrates Great Feast!For how many years it has lived and thrived to the delight of its subjects and in spite of the enemies. And the glorious Lords and Ladies didnít play the least role in this, whose valor and bravery became the unspoken symbol of its lands. What can we say, if even on this day, when the whole Empire is full of fun, they are no doubt ready to once again answer the call of duty.

We are pleased to remind you that today our game is celebrating its Birthday - March 1, 2021, we are 14 years old! By itself, this period is already colossal, but we are sure that this is far from the limit - and together we will celebrate more than one anniversary.

We are grateful to all the players who have been with us for many years, and those who have joined us not so long ago, to everyone who helps to develop the project and makes it interesting with its presence. Thanks to ALL OF YOU, the world of heroes is constantly improving and remains a great place to relax. Stay tuned for updates and stay with us - it will be interesting!

By tradition, the game gives presents on this festive day! And so, in honor of the holiday, from March 1 to March 5 inclusive:

1. Lords and Ladies of combat level 3 or above may claim one of five gifts (hurry to get!):
- Faction skill points;
- Personalized gift artifact;
- a master hunter license for 60 days;
- Abu Bakr's charm for 30 days;
- Random rare squad for Leadersí Guild (7,000 leadership).
The durability of the artifact and the amount of FSP directly depend on the number of days the character has fought battles on;

2. Faction Skill points increased by 20%
3. Bonus + 20% to purchased diamonds;
4. Labour efficiency (including wages) increased by 20%;
5. Lords and Ladies of CL3 and above may claim a free set of warrior or sorcerer shop artifacts for their level, for up to 30 combats and 14 days.
6. "Automatic combat" button for your maximum rest and comfort in all battles except for a mixed tournament and a tactics guild (visible after placing in the lower right corner of the battle);
7. Assignments of the Guilds of Hunters, Mercenaries, Thieves, Rangers 14 times more often;
8. Assignments of the Guild of Guardians increased by 2 times;
9. The speed of recovery of health and mana increased by 2 times;
10. Entry fees to all card tournaments are cancelled;
11. Entry fees to all quick tournaments 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 are cancelled;
12. Quick tournaments will start every 2 hours;
13. For Lords and Ladies of combat level 8 or above the maximum bet in roulette is increased by 3 times;
14. Free energy drink in the tavern;
15. Planned attacks on Survilurgs are cancelled;
16. The probability of getting a rare artifact in Chests of abundance is doubled;

All Lords of combat level 3 can take part in the treasure hunt, and all Lords of combat level 5 can take part in the Hunting season event.

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt:

1) To participate in the search you must purchase a treasure map for 100 gold;
2) You can join the challenge up to 10 times a day, unused challenges stack up and may be used on later days;
3) Admitted ammunition: only shop artifacts are allowed, enchanted artifacts have no effect.
4) Duels Ė 1 lord against 1 guard;
5) Your victories can be awarded by gold, creature armaments, rare artifacts with reduced durability, diamonds, chests of abundance, shop artifacts;
6) For each victory, Lords and Ladies will receive one piece of a rare Heaven robe artifact;
7) The event will last 5 days until March 5th inclusive.

Enthusiasm for the leadership of the Hunterís guild never lacked. Although the Empire gave them quite a lot of freedom to form the rules for the opening of each following hunting season, individual recommendations from above still haunted many of them. Let the main field of their battle have long since moved from the endless forests to stuffy offices, and their main battle now takes place with papers, and not with the prey - they were still true hunters in their hearts, thirsting for real trials and a sense of overcoming danger. Only a few months of wearing out the palace thresholds - and they still achieved their goal, albeit at one's own risk. The upcoming hunting season promises to be a truly unforgettable entertainment, if of course there are daredevils who are ready to take a truly serious challenge!

Brave Lords and Ladies, the Hunterís Guild is solemnly announcing the start of a new hunting season and invites all Empireís hunters to take part in this glorious event. However, before the start, the guild representatives recommend that everyone familiarize themselves with the general set of rules and pay special attention to the new competition conditions:
- All players of combat level 5 or above are invited.
- Allowed ammunition for the first three difficulty levels - only shop artifacts are allowed, and artifact enchantments have no effect;
- No restrictions on ammunition and enchantments for the 4th level of difficulty;
- Battles take place in the format of 1 Lord or Lady with his troops against the group of neutral troops;
- Spell damage racial bonuses for wizards do not apply in these hunts;
- On day one, only 10 levels of difficulty are unlocked. 10 more levels will be unlocked every subsequent day. To be able to attack the next day's targets, all targets from the previous day need to be eliminated. There are 60 targets will be available in total;
- Victories grant points towards the Huntersí Guild, as well as gold, creature armaments, and hunter artifacts;
- Choosing the higher difficulty yields higher rewards and provides more points for the Lord/Lady. Rewards from one target do not sum up. After completing easier choices, the reward for the higher ones will decrease;
- New! For all targets, the 4th difficulty level has been added, intended for conducting battles in any artifacts without restriction on enchantments. The number of points for this difficulty level does not differ from the number of points for the 3rd difficulty level; If you defeat the 3rd level of difficulty, then the 4th will be unavailable and vice versa.
- The hunting season will last only 10 days, until September 3 inclusive;
- If you win 50 hunts, you will receive a 15-day version of Abu Bakirís Charm;

Personal successes of each Lord or Lady will be additionally rewarded with parts of the Heaven robe:
For 10 victories: +1 part;
For 20 victories: +2 parts;
For 30 victories: +4 parts;
For 40 victories: +5 parts;
For 50 victories: +6 parts;
For 60 victories: +8 parts;
For 80 victories: +9 parts;

and parts of the Dark shield:
for 50 points: +20 parts;

It will be possible to collect from the parts, a fully-fledged artifact, once you gather 100 parts of the artifact. This artifact cannot be transferred for use or rent, but it can be transferred for repairing or enchanting.

All Lords and Ladies who are victorious at level 15 will receive a special achievement visible on their profile, and a trophy of the forest, the durability of which depends on the points scored. There will be no additional rewards that are not mentioned in this news.

Have more victories and enjoy your time! Hooray!
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