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AuthorWhen will Smugglers event end?
In .com translation it says:
- The combat operation will last 9 days, until April 9th inclusive;

But colleague from .ru has sent me .ru announcement and that translates to:
- The combat operation will last 9 days, until April 11 inclusive;

Which one is true? Are both true and we end it earlier? But that is unlikely.
April 11. Translators messed up
They messed up translating the date? Seriously?
How is that even possible its a number
Give them a break, they work tirelessly to get announcements to us as quickly as possible. Just be grateful that things are translated
Tbh translators are not required.

Admins should just publish announcements translated via google translate.

The translations always arrive late, sometimes not at all and inaccurate most times.
Well the admins should be paying translators let's be real. Outsourcing 1 page of translation once a week shouldn't be a difficult task in 2021.
Aren't the people who do translators paid?
Thanks for help :)
closed by Elrond (2021-04-08 18:35:54)
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