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Does it matter to discuss this? :-)

Events have always been costly (or not). How the tables have turned. Back in 2012 we had no events, no admin efforts and people complaining they wanted more events. In 2021 people complain about the cost of events.

I'm glad to see that after a 7 year comeback there is an event after event with nice rewards/fun gameplay. The admins are doing real efforts to keep us bussy and to keep the game alive. Big +.
@lawton ye, I speculate price will go up in the future so I am keeping them. However for calculation I take todays prices :)
Total army strength: 575,711
Victories / Combats: 60 / 77

68K gold, so I made little profit :D due to I did all battles with cheap items and free items I had since anniversary, hell yeah
instead you go on a condescending diarrhea to pet your own ego.

Fun fact: all you wrote for years is the same diarrhea all over again and when proven wrong you simply go ahead and insult people to hide the emptiness of your comments.
Many are little babies who don't know what it was like before the merge in comparison to you arcanide, and others forget what it was like.

Glad to see you are back though
Like many players I am sure we only stay in this game for the events. If there are no events this game is just a mindless grind, I dont brother doing any of the guilds anymore tbh.

Playing events alone should be able to sustain me itself (NO ENROLL, NO gold from any other sources), if a player just wants to play events and do nothing else; that should be an option. If I were to only play events, that would not be possible. Whats wrong with giving more gold to the players? 151k for 128 battles is utter nonsense. Losses should be compensated too. Sure, your cost per battle is 1.5k but for someone who cant afford the arts and have to rent from depo, the price is about 2k per battle.

The game should be enjoyable and events profitable, not mindless grind and gold loss. The artifact and potions should be a bonus, and not even taken into consideration IMO. It should be for the players to use, so technically no. U dont get any profit unless u sell em. Doubling the gold issued isnt a problem for the admins except they know events are designed to suck gold from the players and force them to donate even more.

This is not me being unappreciative of the events, I emphasise that I stay in this game because I enjoy the events, but garbage event rewards like this pisses me off, it encourages copying builds and punishes creativity with losses. Sure I did badly by playing shooters, and fine, higher scorers deserve a better artifact and more potions eh, but I should be getting more gold with 128 battles than someone with 84 battles eh. And also EVERYONE should be given 2x the gold they got not a measly cheap gold reward
For the last time, it's 151k for 84 battles. You get paid for your wins not your losses.
@Marquis Thornwald, You are the one that started talking in a condescending way without even going into what actually has been said. And when pointed out to this you call it an insult. But do go on to keep resorting on a personal level instead of being able to react to what has been said, and when called out on it keep trying to dress it as if you are a victim of an insult, it suits you.

@Arekino, Good luck with the trade. I dumped the ones I still had from an event a year orso ago just the other day. They took up a lot of space in my inventory. They should make potions inventory less.

@kchong, That the events are designed to suck gold from players is true. It works best for donations on a short term.
For the last time, it's 151k for 84 battles. You get paid for your wins not your losses.
Its 151k for 126 battles. You are making it seem like I did not take tiem and effort and also my artifacts durability for losses lol. Losses count in cost and so should be counted in reward too.

So you are seriously saying someone who played 128 battles, and say won 30 battles should get less gold than someone who won 31 battles with no loss? Makes no sense. It is not the player fault he played terribly in the event.
And straight from the results of the event as usual the top 10 are noob levels. First high level is at 12th spot. Top 20 has 2 high level players, top 30 has 2 more, top 40 has 3 more, and top 50 has 5 more. So in short just 12 of the 17+ leveled players made it to top 50. And yet still people will rile up that noob levels don't dominate events as in the ostrich effect.
Portion don't consumer inventory space.

Keep up the discussion/whining, only pros make profit from the event. Prove me wrong ;)
It is not the player fault he played terribly in the event.

Whose fault then, lmao
So you are seriously saying someone who played 128 battles, and say won 30 battles should get less gold than someone who won 31 battles with no loss?

Yes, that is what I'm saying. Like in life, you are not rewarded for trying and failing
LOL, the gold given isn't a reward, it is simply compensation for battles.

The dagger and potions are the rewards.

Again, what is wrong when a player wishes for more and to be treated equal?

Whose fault then, lmao
Nobody. With this kind of mindset, the admins are encouraging players to not play, wait for the best strategy and battles to come out and then copy
Maybe you should go to the dungeon caves page and read what it sais under the gold amount
for death2all:
It doesn't matter what it says, i am not saying the admins lied and didnt pay. I am saying the admins SHOULD have given more gold.
More reward is always welcome. But expecting to pay for losses doesn't sound right.

When we have events tat pay for every battle won, no one expects to pay for loses.
But when rewards are given at the end of event, people expect to pay for lose!!

Then I would simpley go min art and lose to complete all my tries
I got 100k i finally have more than 200k yay
for bobsrevenge999:
Small steps towards first milion :P
@Murali, Looks like the inventory is also counting the stuff that your character is currently wearing, which is weird, in other games it excludes them.
And with your 42 losses in the event I am sure you are in the mindset that you have made great profit. For in this game the admins wants everyone to be 'pros' like that.
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