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AuthorAG questions
it depends on the AP u use imo.
I dont understand how you all say its easy on heroic when you use full gear. I get my ass kicked with all sub factions, doesnt matter what gear I wear. I can barely win one Amnitis Mysteries without first losing 3 times.

Am I that bad? Or? I dont understand.
if you wear sets and gain set bonuses it becomes easy. Like 4 peice dungeon set gives a BONUS 6 to attack along with huge melle and range damage reduction on head chest and boots. so basically you do 30% more damage then normal and take like 30% less damage then heroic was designed for. if you cant win with those super favorable conditions... maybe just get good? XD
another thing to keep in mind is every faction you can take expert defense and avoidance, do it. because you will be overloaded with attack because of dungeon set if they cant really do damage to you, then the value from the set bonus just gets compounded. i full autod dark demon and regular demon campaigns on heroic with mirrors it was tooo easy, unholy necro is the easieat faction in game to clear on heroic. Demiliches give you like 10 turns in a row and you just maul most opponents, most fights as un i won in like 2 mins or less since i just hit them like 7 times in a row with overstated dreadlords or envoys and gg
In my case, I took help from this guide to clear AG. It has combat reference for level 19-20 but most of the stategy is applicable for lower levels as well.

Didnt know about the dungeon set. Is this heavy or minor?
set bonus works for all dungeon items, light, regular and greater. but the % damage reductions are going to be best on greater
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