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The Empire is the land of Lords and Ladies. It is full of glorious battle traditions, that have been building over the years and looked unshakable just yesterday. But time is running, generations succeed each other, and the next one is always superior to the previous one. This is the law of development. The Great Heroes Heritage, the accumulation of many years of combat experience and knowledge, hundreds of wars and thousands of battles, all of that is assimilated almost with motherís milk now. One could encounter more and more young Lords and Ladies with burning eyes and fervent hearts ready to immediately challenge the seasoned veterans whose accomplishments they could just admire for a long while in the Empire territories nowadays. It is probably a good time to give them a chance and to slightly revise some outdated traditions.

Lords and Ladies! There are excellent news for everyone who loves Commandersí Guild battles! From now on everyone from 5th combat level is eligible for the Commandersí Guild! Letís welcome the young blood among the seasoned veterans!
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