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AuthorSettlement Defence
in the past i ended up with less population than i started a big mprovment
Is it just me..or the AI now has stupid luck & morale?
scam event
Dwarf AI with luck and morale = we're ded lol
guys use min ap and farm event dont try for top is a scam event for those trying for the top
Well since the last event gave people that used max arts +150k, the admins decided that it was a loan and demanded it back with this event with interest. So fork it over.
Very comfortable event and cheap to play just 72 battles.
Lost to 2 necromancers which had too high stats lol!

Played all with nature unholy necro build. Good luck guys

Population: 5,988
Resources: 610
Victories / Combats: 70 / 72

Found parts of "Heaven shield": 20
Found parts of "Dark shield": 20
I started the event with red demon and screwed up in two battles day 2. After that I changed to dark demon and lost only 6 civilians last 4 days. Some factions have easier opponents indeed, but you still need to be very careful to avoid losses. Great improvement that we didnt have to face chaos casters though.

Population: 7,315
Resources: 1,223
Victories / Combats: 72 / 72

Ive seen many players with better scores in ru forum, but it could perhaps be enough for top-100.
this might be a stupid question XD
but actually I don't know the answer.

does increasing ranged attack from artifact will apply on towers?
Yes. Also for example elemental damage from sword of cold according to the stats when you click on a tower.
yes this is real hydra will be stuck
no place for him
if I placed him in the back he can't move forward
for FearMyArmy:
You can always place the dragon back and hydra in place of the dragon.
Heroes with the most populations will be generously rewarded with the Empire at the end of all battles!

So if i finish the event with 30 battles and 1400 population reward will be less that a player with 10 batlles and 2000 population ?
Judging on word MOST that would apply only to top achievers (top 100 maybe).
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