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AuthorVillages are safe once more!
The Warlord's plan worked, although not fully. It is very difficult to mentally break those who do not hesitate to knock over a bottle or two before the fight "for courage". However, this trick could only slightly sweeten the bitterness of inevitable defeat. The robbery plan of brutal revenge has clearly failed, although this cannot be said by the appearance of their Leader. With absolute calmness, listening to the cursory outrider report of the following on his heels, he confidently walked past two bruisers at the entrance to the crooked tent and, going up to one of the boxes placed inside, took the bottle standing on it. Taking a sip, the robbers Leader immediately spat out the remnants of the liquid he had tasted and finally turned his gaze on his henchman.
- What kind of disgusting ?! Nothing stronger in the imperial cellars?
- The catch is small, boss, - the outrider replied with slight apprehension.
- Remove this abomination from my eyes! - ordered the leader, casually jabbing a bottle in the chest of his henchman, - And you yourself disappear!
- Yes, boss, - the outrider answered shortly and hurried to hide, leaving the chief alone with his thoughts. However, as soon as he threw back the entrance canopy, he immediately froze in place, and after a moment began to slowly back away. B-b-boss, - he said quietly in a trembling voice, after which he only managed to make another short sound - and was forever silent.

Feeling the head of an outrider flying off his shoulders and rolling on the ground touched his boot, and then hearing the dull sound of a lifeless body falling, the robbers Leader only grinned mysteriously.
- "Spider"? - said the bandit Leader even before he turned to see the intruder with his own eyes, - I recognize the handwriting of imperial justice, - he added, watching the necromancer with a white silk handkerchief slowly trace the bloody blade of his scythe.
- I am sure he deserved a worse fate, - Feurlis said measuredly, and in the meantime, the outlines of his two ghostly assistants appeared from behind him, - They did not have time to introduce us ... - the necromancer threw a handkerchief reddened with blood on the body of the killed outrider and looked intently at the interlocutor with his empty gaze.
- No, bony dog, - the robber said with an insidious grin on his face. - Unlike the old witch, I dont play these games. My goal is above all this!
- I am ready to discuss it with pleasure, - Feurlis's speech, calm and devoid of any emotions, was heard again, - in the dungeons of the Oblivion Tower. The Imperial Counselor took a step forward, but suddenly he sensed someone else's presence. For a moment - and the blade of the scythe of an ambusher that appeared out of nowhere stopped a couple of inches from Feurlis's skull, suddenly meeting a ghost blade on its way. The robbers Leader, meanwhile, grabbed his axe with one hand, and with the other knocked over the candles on one of the boxes, after which he drew his dagger and rushed to the side of the tent. "Take him!" - the necromancer uttered louder than usual, simultaneously directing the blade of his scythe at the enemy attacking him. The second ghostly assistant immediately rushed forward, but another ambusher suddenly appeared on her way, thereby winning precious moments that allowed the robbers Leader to cut his way to retreat with a sharp movement and jump out. The fire, meanwhile, began to flare up, as if everything here was specially impregnated with something combustible, quickly filling the tent with black smoke. Finally, after several chaotic attacks, the first ambusher fell dead, but the second still resisted, when suddenly death overtook him, but from a vampire blade.
- They surround us, master, - the vampire, who came to the rescue, reported.
- Were leaving, - the Counselors order sounded immediately.
Throwing a final glance at the slot in the far wall of the tent, Feurlis nevertheless turned around and with a quick, but calm and confident gait followed the subordinates, making their way for their master to retreat through the ranks of the robber running from everywhere.

The Leader of all this gangster rabble, meanwhile, had already hidden far behind the backs of his brothers in the craft, watching the escape of the Imperials from a safe distance.
- Catch them, boss ?! - asked one of the nomads, getting ready to spur his horse.
- Not! - the leader suddenly objected, - Let these pitiful dogs run! A quick death will prevent them from fully enjoying this defeat.

Dear Lords and Ladies, the robbers, suffered a crushing defeat and, with tails between their legs they fled back into the wasteland. The imperial villages are safe again! Warlord Grammith expresses the Empires sincerest gratitude to everyone who took part in the settlement defense and, in his long letter, personally notes and commemorates the successes of the best warriors.

All Lords and Ladies who won 10 or more battles will be rewarded with a trophy artifact and an achievement dependent on the combat level. Artifact durability depends on the final count (W*100 + C, where W = number of wins, and C = remained inhabitants) and Lords of Ladys combat level:


All Lords and Ladies who have fought all 72 battles will be rewarded with 5 parts of the Heaven shield. In addition, all those who have shown good results will additionally be rewarded with up to 5 parts of the artifact.

All Lords and Ladies who have won at least one battle can receive a reward for participation in gold. The reward depends on the number of wins and the Lords/ Ladys combat level. Gold can be collected from the Settlement Defense page.

The names of top 100 defenders will forever be listed in this lands annals of history!

1.#1519Striker [23]727,48014,680
2.#1488Bepufu [10]727,48014,680
3.#104Herostrat [23]727,47014,670
4.#7705avelox [21]727,46514,665
5.#1519xvxPAINxvx [21]727,45714,657
6.#5152Scarlet_ [16]727,45714,657
7.#3975PASSMURNY [13]727,45014,650
8.#104______ [21]727,44814,648
9.#1209 [23]727,43614,636
10.#5169Man_utd [12]727,42614,626
11.#1519-lock- [16]727,42514,625
12.#928anisimov [21]727,42414,624
13.#1519GRIZZLY777 [21]727,42014,620
14.#104graser [23]727,41614,616
15.#1209nnn1234 [22]727,41214,612
16.#1519Super-Dragon [18]727,41214,612
17.#2517GILRAENCHIK [21]727,41114,611
18.#1597_Hervind_ [14]727,40414,604
19.#104Starshina214 [22]727,39714,597
20.#276  [5]727,39614,596
21.#104Arabella-kbp [23]727,39514,595
22.#1488 [20]727,39514,595
23.#104BeTal_ [22]727,39114,591
24.#1519- [23]727,37814,578
25.#2902 [9]727,37414,574
26.#41Phonon [15]727,37114,571
27.#2517  [14]727,37014,570
28.#928Wild Death [16]727,36614,566
29.36 [10]727,36614,566
30.  [8]727,36414,564
31.#9281 [21]727,35814,558
32.#7127Dennis0000 [14]727,35714,557
33.#2735zibas [18]727,35314,553
34.ArcVeider [13]727,34814,548
35.#41Xenia_ [22]727,34814,548
36.#104 [18]727,34814,548
37.#104Bear Grizly [14]727,34714,547
38.#73GOODZINI [11]727,34714,547
39.#7777karlik-leg [23]727,34614,546
40.StepByStep [10]727,34614,546
41.#928220yards [21]727,33514,535
42.#1519BangFire [21]727,33514,535
43.#1209MeOne [15]727,33114,531
44.#3695Sogord [13]727,32814,528
45.#41GlebHp [17]727,32714,527
46.#1519 [16]727,32714,527
47.#2230Rotsh [17]727,32314,523
48.#928 [21]727,32014,520
49.#104 [19]727,31814,518
50.#276Graund-Shimoro- [13]727,31814,518
51.Vergas [8]727,31614,516
52.#1209Majblomma [17]727,31514,515
53.#41Mixalych [18]727,31314,513
54.#928Night Marish [14]727,31114,511
55.#928BonusDayHero [17]727,30814,508
56.#9426mashrooms55 [13]727,30614,506
57.#7490krovak [17]727,30614,506
58.#1519DENLADEN [16]727,30414,504
59.#104 [21]727,30314,503
60.#41Nobiys [17]727,30214,502
61.#14zzzReketirzzz [20]727,30014,500
62.#1317Bobyk [13]727,30014,500
63.#731 [14]727,29914,499
64.#104 [18]727,29614,496
65.#1519Nub_01 [22]727,29314,493
66.#1519El_Terrible [21]727,29214,492
67.#1209Lokosios [21]727,28614,486
68.#302 [23]727,28514,485
69.#493 2009 [10]727,28514,485
70.#249__-Joker-__ [15]727,28514,485
71.#1317 [13]727,28514,485
72.#9595luke lolwalker [12]727,28314,483
73.#997FeeL_ThE_MagiC [18]727,28014,480
74.#928gunses [22]727,27914,479
75. [21]727,27114,471
76.#9284MATIC [11]727,26814,468
77.#1519Doctor Nitrus Brio [18]727,25914,459
78.#1512Shark [20]727,25114,451
79.#1519Waitest [16]727,24914,449
80.#3695_ [8]727,24714,447
81.#7490eniki [18]727,24614,446
82.#17Asteniks [22]727,24114,441
83. [5]727,23914,439
84.#1519  [16]727,23514,435
85.#249UNF0RGlVEN [23]727,23414,434
86.Losta [12]727,23414,434
87.#823Skoczek [16]727,23414,434
88.#9426veagat1 [9]727,22614,426
89.#2517Pu-239 [21]727,22514,425
90.#928NEKROMANT-_- [12]727,22414,424
91.-- [21]727,22114,421
92.#17_ [12]727,21814,418
93.#104MegaAssassin [21]727,20614,406
94.#928 [12]727,20414,404
95.  [8]727,20114,401
96.#104RW_Alex [23]727,19814,398
97.#57Maryana_k [23]727,19414,394
98.#1757 [13]727,19414,394
99.#928  [17]727,19214,392
100.#1519 [16]727,19014,390

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